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Design & Development

Ian Lurie7 Dec, 2007

Friday Book Review: MarketingSherpa Landing Page Handbook

I’m an old fart when it comes to landing pages. I started working with them way back in 2000 or so (gasp). So I can be a bit hard to impress.
MarketingSherpa’s Landing Page Handbook managed, though. It’s absolutely crammed with useful tips, factoids, research and best practices.


Ian Lurie6 Dec, 2007

5 Steps to Concise Copy

Online, concise copy will always get better results than verbose copy.
How can I make that sentence shorter and give it more oomph?

  1. Dump the passive voice.
    Online, concise copy will always get gets better results than verbose copy.
  2. Get rid of meaningless words. Concise copy is always better, right? Plus folks are reading this online.
    Online, Concise copy will always get gets better results than verbose copy.
  3. Get rid of repeated words.
    In copy, concise copy gets better results than verbosecopy.
  4. Replace four words with one.
    In copy, concise gets better results than beats verbose.
  5. Make sure it reads OK. In this case, I’m not thrilled with my phrasing. A little rejiggering does the trick:
    Concise copy beats verbose.

Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie6 Dec, 2007

Signs Your SEM Firm is Good or Bad

You don’t know anything about search engine optimization or search marketing. You know it’s a key part of your internet marketing strategy, but you’re vaguely unhappy with your SEM agency. Are you justified? Here’s a test. Answer each question with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’:


Ian Lurie5 Dec, 2007

31 Ways To Speed Up Your Site

A slow site sucks, no matter how pretty it is. It sheds visitors and customers like a raincoat sheds water. It can even hurt your search engine rankings.
Fortunately, there are lots of easy ways to accelerate your sluggish site. Here they are, from easiest and least geeky to most complex and/or most geeky:


Ian Lurie5 Dec, 2007

Am I Evil?

I just checked my Technorati stats for the first time in a while, and saw this:



Design & Development

Ian Lurie4 Dec, 2007

Wii Want to Buy. Target Doesn’t Care?

Have you tried to buy a Wii lately? Target stores apparently doesn’t want you to. Ever. I visited a few major retailers’ sites, found by searching for ‘Nintendo Wii’ on Google: To me, the Target ad means ‘buy a Wii from us’. So I clicked on the ad, and got this page: No console. Lots… Read More


Ian Lurie3 Dec, 2007

Account Management is Dead

He's dead, Jim

Account management, long the bastion of 3-martini lunches and oh-so-happy clients, is dead, and internet marketing killed it.


Ian Lurie2 Dec, 2007

Is Facebook Listening In? Yes, with Facebook Beacons

Marketing Conversations (no relation) has a synopsis of a Computer Associates article regarding Facebook’s Beacon. I think Facebook has gone too far this time. Facebook Beacon is a 3-line code snippet that webmasters can add to their sites. The Beacon then transmits user behavior back to Facebook. Here’s a quick example: I have a Facebook… Read More


Ian Lurie30 Nov, 2007

Movable Type 4 Upgrade: An Epic Poem

I had written a detailed post about our experience upgrading to Movable Type 4. But in honor of Friday, and being extremely punchy, I wrote an epic poem, instead:


Ian Lurie28 Nov, 2007

Integrated Marketing To Clever Monkeys (the more things change…)

I am sitting in an coliform-ridden Best Western in Peru, Indiana right now (I’m not kidding about the e coli part), drinking bottled water and pondering the meaning of a marketer’s life. The answer, I think, is ‘Integrated Marketing’.
Here’s a conversation I had today with a client who I respect, and like, and enjoy working with:
Me Smiling victoriously: …and internet sales are up over 25% since 2005-2006.
Client Frowning unhappily: Sure, but what if our catalogs did that?
Me Nodding intelligently: Catalogs and other offline stuff definitely drive customers. Our online marketing insures that you’re visible when they look for you.
Client Parrying vigorously: Yes, but chances are they would’ve found us anyway.
Me Gurgling internally: Well, we know that 60% of your search sales were new. But we can never attribute any one sale to any one source. So you may be right – our work may not matter.

This does have a happy ending. Keep reading…