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Ian Lurie19 Dec, 2008

11 Internet Marketing Trends To Ignore in 2009

After having a bit of success with my 11 Internet Marketing Trends to Ignore in 2008, I thought I’d give it another shot. My only totally incorrect predictions from 2008: E-books are catching on, and podcasts now capture a .002% audience, not .00001%. My bad. Analytics. Yeah, you heard me. I love analytics. But they’re… Read More

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Ian Lurie17 Dec, 2008

5 Things You’re Forgetting on Your E-commerce Site

So, you’re working hard on SEO. You want that higher ranking. Rankings rankings! Nothing else matters! Then, suddenly, your organic traffic is going up, but your sales aren’t. You could fire your SEO firm. Clearly your search engine optimization efforts are a flop. I mean, all they did was generate more traffic, right? Or, you… Read More


Ian Lurie16 Dec, 2008

SEO Copywriting 101: Search Engines Ain’t That Smart

Search engines are cool, but they aren’t that bright. They don’t know that you meant ‘car’ when you typed ‘vehicle’. If you’ve just spent 3 hours digging through a thesaurus, finding every alternative for ‘shoes’, start over. Burn the thesaurus. Think about the words that people use to find you. Then, as a revolutionary new… Read More

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Ian Lurie15 Dec, 2008

That’s it. You’re on a time out.

This post might just get me fired. Some client somewhere will read it and be horribly offended that their behavior drives me crazy. To them, I can only say: My kids drive me crazy, too. But I’ve stayed up all night with them when they’re sick, driven them to the emergency room, helped them learn… Read More


Ian Lurie12 Dec, 2008

10 Years Later, It’s Still About The Content

Search engines have dominated the internet scene for at least 10 years now. And there’s still only one totally reliable way to gain quality rankings that will truly last: Content. You can build links, send out press releases, spam blog comments and attempt to game the search algorithms to your heart’s content. None of it… Read More


Elizabeth Marsten10 Dec, 2008

Paying your Yahoo Search Marketing bill with Pay Pal

Back in September of 2007, Yahoo announced the ability to choose Pay Pal as a payment method for adding funds to your search marketing account. Up until now, I hadn’t had a use for the option and continued doing manual refills, automatic deposits or invoicing for clients. But then a client came along (me) that… Read More

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Ian Lurie5 Dec, 2008

Why Am I In Marketing? How About You?

[warning - navel gazing ahead] Why the hell am I in marketing? When I started college, my plan was to do ROTC and become a pilot. Then I because a History major and decided to go to law school so I could Save The World. Then I graduated from Law School and realized I’d be… Read More

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Ian Lurie5 Dec, 2008

Coming Next Week: Web Analytics E-Book

Next week I’ll be releasing another e-book. This one will cover web analytics for business. It’s going to use the same format as my SEO Copywriting e-book: Short, very high-level, only the essentials, and really cheap. This goes along with the webinar I’m doing with SEMPDX. I’ll also be offering a bunch of free copies… Read More

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Ian Lurie5 Dec, 2008

Web Analytics Webinar Today (it’s free)

I’ll be presenting a webinar today: Transforming Google Analytics Into Business Analytics When: Tuesday, December 9, 12 PM PST (that’s today) Where: Here, on the web, silly The focus: Making actual, real-life use of Google Analytics to grow your business. No fancy shtuff like advanced segments. I’ll talk about: Data overload and how to avoid… Read More


Ian Lurie3 Dec, 2008

The Developer’s Guide to Internet Marketing

I’m a developer. There, I’ve said it. I’m out of the closet. It’s a little known fact, but I’ve been coding web applications since 1995. I used the very first version of ColdFusion (on 1,000 floppy disks), learned PHP while building Prius Mileage and have even (gasp) muddled through Ruby. While object-oriented programming still makes… Read More