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netsol SEO

Ian Lurie12 Feb, 2008

Beware: Network Solutions SEO Fine Print

Network Solutions lies like George Bush on an aircraft carrier. Or Bill Clinton about his sex life (just to be non-partisan about it). You can’t pin any of them down, but you know damned well they’re pulling a fast one. I got an e-mail from a client today asking: “Why should we pay you $5,000… Read More


Ian Lurie12 Feb, 2008

Internet Bullshit Detector: Speaking at Ignite! Seattle

I’m going to be speaking at Ignite! Seattle next week (February 19). My topic: Build your own Internet Bullshit Detector. I won’t give away too much, but the basic principles will be: Hairstyle is not a feature. If they can’t communicate, run. Bold letters do not increase value. Nor does large type or the ability… Read More


Ian Lurie11 Feb, 2008

Internet Marketing Strategy: A Step-by-Step Diagram

Internet marketing is not SEO. It’s not PPC. It’s not e-mail or web design, or social media. It’s the sum of many parts. Here’s how I see it all fitting together: You can also download a PDF version here. Some Explanation If this is gibberish, you may want to skim through my book, which you… Read More


Ian Lurie10 Feb, 2008

Shoemoney Dislikes 95% of SEOs, Can’t Do Grammar

Truth is, I don’t like 95% of SEOs, either. I make a habit of tearing down the fraudsters whenever possible. But man, Shoemoney, could you get someone to proofread a bit? “Its like people don’t know you can goto a web site without going to a god-damn Search Engine.” Which, when filtered through 6th-grade grammar… Read More


Portent Staff8 Feb, 2008

Welcome to the new Portent Interactive blog.

Oh! A blog! How quaint, you say. There’s most likely millions of blogs out there (I haven’t counted recently) so why would you want to read yet another blog? Especially yet another Internet Marketing blog! Here at Portent, we always strive to do something different. When most people hear “Search Engine Optimization” or “Internet Marketing”… Read More


Ian Lurie8 Feb, 2008

Ham for Chanukah: Why You’re Wasting Money on that Rented E-mail List

Rented and purchased e-mail lists seem like a great idea. Lots of addresses, targeted to you, dirt-cheap. But they rarely work. Why? Their lists are messy. Chances are they got a lot of the names on their list through something called ‘e-mail append’, where they take existing direct mail lists and scour the web for… Read More


Ian Lurie7 Feb, 2008

People Search for Answers, not Keywords

75% of all those online will use a search engine to find you. But they’re not looking for keywords. They’re looking for answers. You may be inclined to modify your entire site to get that top spot for ‘mufflers’. It’s a nice, juicy keyword. If you get the top ranking for it, your boss will… Read More

Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie5 Feb, 2008

IT Department Wrecking Internet Marketing? It’s Your Fault.

At least once a week, I see an e-mail exchange like this: Portent: Please make this one change on all pages of your site. Client: OK, we’ll have that done in 2 months. Portent: What?! Client: Our IT (Information Technology) guys told us it’ll take 2 months. Portent: We’re asking you to change ‘bumpers’ to… Read More


Ian Lurie4 Feb, 2008

Internet Marketing Strategy Weekend: April 5, Seattle

April 5th-6th, I’ll be offering a 2-day internet marketing weekend. Here are the details: Everyone leaves with an internet marketing plan for their site, reviewed by peers. It’ll be informal. It’ll be in Seattle. I promise to be as sarcastic in person as I am online. I will prepare a worksheet for each site before… Read More


Ian Lurie1 Feb, 2008

15 Principles of Internet Marketing

In no particular order: No one’s lives depend on what we do. But people’s livelihoods do. So take your work seriously, and take pride in it. 75% of your audience uses a search engine to find you. Get used to it. All the banners and ‘viral’ marketing on earth won’t come close to results produced… Read More