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Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie31 Jan, 2008

Internet Marketing for Publications: Reviewing

The latest victim in my site review series is I’ve turned this review into a quick primer on internet marketing strategies for publications. Rex’s site is a perfect case study insofar as he’s in a very competitive space, and lives (I assume) on visitors and pageviews. More visitors and pageviews mean more advertising, and… Read More

conversation marketing Featured

Ian Lurie30 Jan, 2008

Support Conversation Marketing: Donate

Do you find this blog useful? Like what I write? I’ve got a business proposal for you: Donate $3 to my blog, once. I’ll keep writing the same stuff I always do. Tips about internet marketing, strategic advice, site reviews and of course, the occasional rant. I’ll do it whether you donate or not. But,… Read More


Ian Lurie30 Jan, 2008

Save Me: Vote For Someone Else

SEOMoz is holding voting to see who gets to go up against the search engines in SMX Search Bowl 2008. Right now, I’m in first place. If I win, I will be massacred by the likes of Matt Cutts. So please go here (Polldaddy Poll) and vote for someone else.


Ian Lurie29 Jan, 2008

Bounce Rate: The Stat You Need To Know

There’s an internet marketing metric you’re not watching, but you should be. You’re tracking visitors. You’re tracking pageviews. Hopefully, you’re even tracking keywords and conversions. But are you tracking bounce rate? Bounce Rate is the percentage of visitors leaving your site after viewing only the page on which they landed. If I visit your site,… Read More


Ian Lurie28 Jan, 2008

Warning: Do Not Hire Sam’s Club for Search Marketing

Sam’s Club has thrown their hat into the SEO/PPC scam ring. In what’s becoming a weekly tradition, I’ve volunteered to point out why you’d have to be brain damaged to hire them: 1. They Can’t Market Themselves. Can They Market You?! In marketingspeak, Sam’s Club’s online marketing page is the south end of a northbound… Read More

Design & Development

Ian Lurie24 Jan, 2008

When In Web Design Doubt, Simplify: Aldebaran Web Design Review

Jill bravely volunteered her site for a review and six recommendations. In internet marketing, like any other form of marketing, the simplest message that communicates, wins. The poster with one compelling sentence will do better than one with a so-so photograph. The web site that attempts to do the least wins, too. The Aldebaran… Read More

dogilvy Random

Ian Lurie23 Jan, 2008

All I Need to Know About Internet Marketing I Learned from David Ogilvy

About Running an Agency “In the advertising industry to be successful you must, of necessity, accumulate a group of creative people. This probably means a fairly high percentage of high strung, brilliant, eccentric nonconformists.” – Confessions of an Advertising Man, p. 39 Amen. My best friends have always been eccentric nonconformists, too. The conversations are… Read More

Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie22 Jan, 2008

2 Sure Ways to Launch a New Product Online. And 2 Sure Ways to Blow It.

You’ve got something new, and nifty. You’re excited about it. Of course everyone else wants to know about it, too. But how to get the word out? 2 Good Ways To Get The Word Out On the Internet Both these methods are about audience building. You build audience by giving them information, not a sales… Read More


Ian Lurie21 Jan, 2008

Slow Posting Week, Sorry…

I’m traveling this week, so posts may be a bit thin. Which is ironic, given that I’ll be eating burgers and fries 2 meals a day, no doubt. Here are a few recent posts folks seemed to like, to tide you over: 11 Internet Marketing Trends to Ignore in 2008 65 Easy Ways to Improve… Read More

conversation marketing Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie18 Jan, 2008

Conversational Marketing = Conversation Marketing

I admit it. This is a blatant attempt to clever strategem brilliant marketing move to manipulate the search engines by writing about the phrase ‘Conversational Marketing’. I would never really do such a thing. I am only joking. I swear. Of course, I usually write about ‘Conversation Marketing’. But since Jack Meyers is writing about… Read More