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Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie18 Jan, 2008

Personas Video: SEOMoz Whiteboard Friday

Rand Fishkin over at SEOMoz very kindly invited me to this week’s Whiteboard Friday to discuss personas in internet marketing. If you’ve never seen a Whiteboard Friday, they’re brief videos, hosted by Rand, that discuss various internet marketing topics. You can see the video here. Does the camera make me look fat? Or just show… Read More


Ian Lurie17 Jan, 2008

SEO Confessions: I’m a Fraud

K, I had a great day today, so I’m cheery. That means it’s time to tear an internet marketing scam into a pile of tiny bits and pieces. Today’s victim is SEO Confessions, a site that guarantees everything except the apparent author’s hairstyle: I have no problem with the format. It’s a landing page and… Read More

Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie17 Jan, 2008

6-Step Site Review, #1: Guide To Seattle Real Estate

Jonathan bravely stepped up and volunteered his site for a review and recommendations. First off, Jonathan, this is solid. The look is simple and clean, and nothing blinks. That puts you in the top 99% of web sites. Seriously, it looks good. First impression is positive, and that’s important: And you’re using Feedburner for your… Read More


Ian Lurie16 Jan, 2008

Google Analytics Is Having Problems: Auto-Tagging Issues

If you’re using Google Analytics, Google Adwords and ‘auto-tagging’, you may have noticed that your numbers suddenly dropped: It’s not you. We’ve researched this and contacted Google. Here’s what we found out: Apparently, this is only occurring for folks using auto-tagging. If you’re using UTM codes, you’re fine. Google is aware of the problem and… Read More

Design & Development

Ian Lurie15 Jan, 2008

Get Your Site Reviewed For Free (Only Cost: Public Humiliation)

Hey! I’m not doing this any more. Click this link for my nifty new video site reviews. Once, a long time ago, I contacted Alan Weiss of Summit Consulting. I asked him if I could review his site on my blog. He replied: NO. YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION. In all caps, just like that.… Read More


Ian Lurie15 Jan, 2008

10 Greatest Comment Spam Subjects of All Time

Timewaster alert! There is nothing of practical use in this post. It’s funny though. I was poring through my comment list today, feeling a bit punchy, so I made a list of spam subject lines. I’ve left out the inevitable grossness, drug advertisements, etc.. So, here are the 10 that made me choke on my… Read More

Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie14 Jan, 2008

Double E-mail Open Rates With This Simple Test

Test your subject lines, and you can easily double your open rate (the number of people who read your message). If you use an e-mail marketing service, such as Whatcounts or Emma, they deliver 3 critical statistics: E-mails sent. E-mails opened. Links clicked. If you’re not using one of these services, you need to. Prices… Read More


Ian Lurie11 Jan, 2008

11 Recession-Proof Internet Marketing Methods

The R word is in the American air again: Recession. Hard to believe it hasn’t already hit, given the money pouring out of the USA, the lack of money coming in, and our, cough, leadership. OK, I just got political for a second. I’m sorry. Note that I’m not specifying any particular leaders, though. Republicans… Read More


Ian Lurie10 Jan, 2008

Redundant Redundancy

I laughed out loud at this article:


Ian Lurie9 Jan, 2008

3 Signs The Pitch is Slimey

I spent the day today looking at pitch pieces by a few internet marketing ‘experts’. Now I feel dirty. But, in the interest of promoting knowledge, here I am, passing along knowledge gained at the expense of my appetite. There were a few selling strategies that all of the pitches had in common. So, here… Read More