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Elizabeth Marsten13 Oct, 2008

More Revenue for Google with First Page Bids

Since the latest Quality Score update, one of the new features was doing away with the “inactive” classification for keywords whose maximum cpc was below that of Google’s set minimum bid. Instead we have the “first page bid” qualifier which will label keywords with a maximum cpc too low to appear on the first page… Read More

skunk-stinks-cart Featured

Ian Lurie13 Oct, 2008

E-Commerce Lessons (a rant)

Please don’t take this personally, unless you’re a crappy developer, in which case I don’t care. For less rant and more information, see 17 Features for E-Commerce Success. I’m angry (angrier). I am sick of the following story: Client hires developer to build e-commerce site. Developer nods vigorously when asked if they know how to… Read More


Ian Lurie9 Oct, 2008

Steve’s Wrong: Pagerank is a Horrible Measure of Online Influence

Steve, Steve, Steve. Pagerank? The ‘ultimate measure’? Really? I tried to resist the urge to link to his recent post, where he says that Pagerank is the ultimate measure of online influence. But that’s like trying to ignore your kid’s stinky diaper in the hopes your spouse will take care of it: It only stinks… Read More

Social Media

Tom Schmitz8 Oct, 2008

Identify Top Bloggers

Becoming active in social communities and on blogs is an important element of social media marketing. One way to do this is to read blogs by others in your sector and in your target market’s sector, then subscribe to the leaders. Select a handful of bloggers with whom to build relationships. Comment regularly on their… Read More

ram-where-thumb-500x331 Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie8 Oct, 2008

October 16th Internet Marketing Triage Webinar: More Info

Note: Webinar cancelled – more info here. Sign ups for my October 16th internet marketing triage webinar have been, uh, less than stellar nonexistent. So I thought I’d give it another shot. October 16th, I’ll be doing a 90-minute webinar on internet marketing. My focus: Those first things you have to do if you’re going… Read More


Ian Lurie6 Oct, 2008

Nah, You Don’t Need A Blog

You don’t need to tell the public about your product and why it inspires you. You don’t need any great, SEO-friendly content, either. Oh, yeah, don’t worry about that connection to the entire blogging world. You don’t need it, either. A place where you can quickly post messages about product changes, or news stories about… Read More

Agenda Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie3 Oct, 2008

59 Things Webinar, October 16th – Sign Ups Open

Note: Webinar cancelled – more info here. I’m starting a webinar series on internet marketing. For lack of a great, clever name, I’m calling it my Internet Marketing Webinars. Webinar 1: 59 Things You Should Be Doing The first one will be based on my 59 Things list. I’ll go into more detail on the… Read More

ki-lander-sample Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie1 Oct, 2008

14 Instant Landing Page Upgrades

Landing pages are a great way to generate sales from pay-per-click ads and e-mail campaigns. Folks click the ad and get a page tailored to their exact needs: You get more conversions, the customers are happy. Unless, of course, your landing page sucks. A few tips to make an instant improvement: Remove unnecessary fields. If… Read More


Ian Lurie30 Sep, 2008

3 Things Your Description Tag Must Contain

The description META tag won’t do much to improve your rankings. But it’s really important. If you write a good description tag, your search results will look something like this: Search engines pull the ‘snippet’ you see above from the description tag. If you don’t write one, or write a lousy one, you might end… Read More


Elizabeth Marsten30 Sep, 2008

ABC Search | A Positive ROI

Continuing our coverage on 2nd and 3rd tier PPC engines, we’ve come to ABC Search. A little platform that could out of Encino, CA. ABC Search is a search engine themselves, but also rather a mediator and distributor of ads to partner sites from advertisers through their “Adentify” content network. They claim 1billion searches a… Read More

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