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Ian Lurie14 Dec, 2009

The 18 most abused phrases of 2009

Shoutout to LyndiT for pushing me to write this via Twitter. The year’s not even over but we’ve already beaten the crap out of so many phrases I figured I’d better get started. So, in no particular order, here they are: Engagement. Marketing isn’t combat, or marriage. Stop trying to tell me I need to… Read More

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Ian Lurie14 Dec, 2009

I’m sick of quickies – a marketing rant

We’re in a quickie culture, and I’m sick of it. Just once, I’d like to see a businessperson or marketer interested in building truly lasting wealth or a lasting organization. “Lasting” means “past my next bonus check” or, God forbid, “past my retirement/death”. Seriously. The last few years have brought us credit default swaps, collapsed… Read More

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Ian Lurie10 Dec, 2009

Target Stores – An SEO Challenge

Dear Target, You are currently spending, the pundits say, over $250,000 per day on pay per click marketing. That may well generate a decent return. I dunno. Given past ppc issues you’ve had (cough negative keywords cough), I’m willing to bet you can improve. But that’s beside the point. If you took 1% of that… Read More


Ian Lurie9 Dec, 2009

The Social Media Marketing List: 45 things you should be doing but probably aren’t

When discussing social media marketing, lots of folks, including me, say things like ‘be authentic’ and wave our hands around. That makes you want to kick me in the coccyx, I’m sure. So, here’s a list of 45 specific things you should be doing. Learn HTML. Learn. It. It’s not that hard. Read Pearsonified’s cool… Read More


Ian Lurie7 Dec, 2009

I’m not mean. I’m just angry.

I need to clear the air. I. am not. mean. Ask my kids. While I may have the title “The un-fun parent” (see below for a full explanation) they’ve never accused me of meanness. Lately, whenever I get on the phone with a new consulting client, or do a site review, or meet someone at… Read More

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Ian Lurie4 Dec, 2009

SEO copywriting’s secret weapon: Hub pages

Link related content together and it’s 10x more powerful as an SEO tool. So why doesn’t anyone ever do it? It’s easy. Here’s how you create a ‘hub’ page and use it to boost your rankings, improve your site for readers and get that warm tingly feeling inside: You’ve got nuthin’ Say you run a… Read More


Ian Lurie3 Dec, 2009

Vote for me please

See this? This is my ego: You can help it grow, or at least dry out a bit, if you just vote for me in Invesp’s Top 100 Online Marketers of 2009 contest: Yeah, it’s just a link play, I know. But it’s kind of neat, and gain, my sad little ego could use the… Read More

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Tom Schmitz2 Dec, 2009

Spin Your Social Media Marketing Flywheel

I’m going to tell you a secret that people in social media marketing and social media optimization don’t like to talk about. Fame begets fame. If you’re a celebrity or popular brand then social media will be particularly easy for you. For those of us who are celebrities only in our own minds, you and… Read More

horsetoldyou Featured

Ian Lurie2 Dec, 2009

Google adds site performance to Webmaster Tools. I laugh maniacally.

Mwahahahahaha. See. I TOLD YOU ALL that site performance mattered in SEO. Did you listen? Nooooooooo. Well suck on this: Google just announced a new site performance report in their Webmaster Tools control panel. With it, you get a nifty overview of your site’s load speed: You can find the new tool under the ‘Labs’… Read More

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Ian Lurie1 Dec, 2009

Why a ‘great opportunity’ rarely is: Consultant lesson number 1

“Do this bit of work for me for free. It’s a huge opportunity! You’ll get rich! I swear!” Uh-huh. David Thorne wrote this hilarious piece about an alleged exchange with someone who wanted some free design work. While it may be an utter fabrication, it got me thinking: In 15 years, I’ve never – never… Read More