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Ian Lurie26 Mar, 2009

Using TweetDeck to Make Twitter Sane

Twitter is the web’s water cooler. Lots of people hang out and chat. I’ll talk about the business uses another time. For now, understand this: Twitter is insane. Get a few hundred friends and their tweets racing past you like ants heading for a picnic. There are a lot of tools out there to help… Read More


Ian Lurie25 Mar, 2009

Are we journalists, or marketing professionals?

I read a great post today about a tricky link-building technique. The technique is totally legit, builds links from a major domain, and is pure gold. Of course, now that’s it’s been published, 150,000 other people will immediately run out, abuse the hell out of it, make Google take notice, and flush the entire technique… Read More

seotruth SEO

Ian Lurie24 Mar, 2009

Book Review: The Truth About Search Engine Optimization

I just finished reading The Truth About Search Engine Optimization. In short, it rocks. I only have one bone to pick with Rebecca Lieb, the author, but I’ll get to that in a second. The book is divided up into short, neat sections. Each section is a ‘truth’, such as: Wag the long tail. A… Read More

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Ian Lurie20 Mar, 2009

SEO Abroad: Ranking in other countries

Selling stuff in another country? Surprise! Google, Yahoo! and Live don’t just transfer your .com rankings worldwide. You might keep the same position abroad. But if you want to compete in the rankings on, say or, you’ll probably need to take some steps: Create a separate site. Oh my god you say. Ian,… Read More

keyword analytics Analytics

Ian Lurie18 Mar, 2009

Keyword Analytics In Google Analytics: 5 Minute Video

My second installment of the 5-minute tutorial series is Keyword Analytics in Google Analytics. Harrison, my son, had his video podcast debut. Alas, he spent at least 1/2 the podcast making faces and trying to get me to crack up, which he’s far too good at. So if I sound a bit distracted, blame him.… Read More

mentor Random

Ian Lurie17 Mar, 2009

Parenting Styles Quiz – blatant plug

Dreambox Learning, one of our clients, has put together a nifty parenting styles quiz. I am, as it turns out, a Mentor: Since a stranger once referred to me as “The unfun parent”, I find “mentor” to be a step up. You can take the quiz, which is full of nift and a great example… Read More

Huh? Random

Ian Lurie17 Mar, 2009

Weirdest Keyword Searches of 2009

Look at the referring keyword list in your analytics report can teach you a lot. I’ll be doing a video tutorial on that in a few minutes, hopefully. In the mean time, here are some of the strangest, most bizarre key phrases generating traffic to my blog: “Buy a wife”. Actually explained by this post,… Read More

Yahoo-Ad-Scheduling PPC

Elizabeth Marsten17 Mar, 2009

Yahoo Finally Gets a Clue and Adds Ad Scheduling & Demographic Bidding for You

Jeepers Shaggy, it’s about time! You know when MSN AdCenter has a tool that you don’t you’re getting lapped. Even if it’s not the most robust or granular tool, it’s still rather helpful to be able to choose at what time during the day your ads show or being able to incrementally adjust your bids… Read More


Ian Lurie16 Mar, 2009

I Am Not A Carpetbagger

I had a brief Tweeted conversation with Lisa Barone this morning about the state of the SEO industry. If you’re in marketing and aren’t following her, you need to. Lisa feels a lot of folks get ripped off by carpetbagger-like ‘professionals’ who offer Top Rankings In Days For Just $99.95. I agree. I’m on your… Read More


Tom Schmitz16 Mar, 2009

Seattle SEO Dysfunction at the PI

I hate when good people suffer from bad SEO: Us Seattleites love the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Tomorrow will be the last print edition. Here, in the Emerald City, we already knew the venerable newspaper was to become an online only publication. And as much as we hate to say goodbye to the broadsheets, we want the… Read More

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