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Ian Lurie19 Feb, 2009

Your Internet Marketing Campaign is Screwed When…

You know your internet marketing campaign is screwed when: Your boss refers to the campaign as “a learning experience”. You get fewer visitors than you have percentage points in your bounce rate. Your team looks at you blankly when you say “SEO Copywriting“. You don’t have any analytics tools in place. Just give up. You’re… Read More


Ian Lurie17 Feb, 2009

5 Ways Your Blog Can Make Money

There’s been a lot of stink lately about bloggers bowing out. In the most publicized example, reporter Dan Lyons decided to call it quits. The refrain: “We just can’t make any money.” I won’t want to be too confrontational, but: Bull pucky. There’s more than one way to skim dollars off your blog. Here are… Read More

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Ian Lurie12 Feb, 2009

Questions about rel=canonical

I’m already getting questions about the new rel=canonical standard. And I have several of my own. I’m going to put them into a post here. If you have your own, leave ‘em in the comment thread and I’ll move them into the post: Shouldn’t we just add link rel=canonical to every single page on our… Read More

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Ian Lurie12 Feb, 2009

Calling All Publications: Rel=canonical Is Worth A Look

I just wrote a skeptical piece about the search engines’ new rel=canonical standard. I am, after all, a skeptic. But, if you’re a large publication with a massive site, you’ve got canonicalization problems, and this could be the solution you’ve been looking for. In a nutshell: You can use rel=canonical in the HEAD element of… Read More


Ian Lurie12 Feb, 2009

3 Reasons to use rel=canonical, and 4 reasons not to.

The major search engines just announced that they’re going to start supporting a new link attribute: ‘rel=”canonical”‘. The Google Webmaster Central blog has a fair amount of detail, so I won’t explain it all here. A very brief lesson in canonicalization Marcelo rightly pointed out a quick refresher might be in order. Here’s what a… Read More

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Ian Lurie11 Feb, 2009

Dynamic Keyword Insertion For Landing Pages

I spent part of today being puked on. Not the way you’d expect this blog post to start, I know, but I had to get that off my chest. For the last 3 days, I’ve had the flu. My son had it for 2 days, too. It was a bad cold for us. My daughter… Read More


Ian Lurie9 Feb, 2009

Competitive Keyword Bidding: France Loses Its Mind

Corporate Eye has a post today about two French companies who are suing Google. The reason? Google has allowed competitors to bid on terms for which the two companies hold trademarks. I’ve ranted about this before, so I won’t belabor it now. Instead, let’s try a few hypotheticals: Let’s say you’re BMW and you want… Read More


Ian Lurie7 Feb, 2009

10 Ways To Think For Yourself: A Geek’s Guide to Problem Solving

Your boss comes to you and says “I need [insert seemingly impossible request here].” What do you do? You can deluge your already harried superiors with questions, until you all give up in frustration. Or, you can (gasp) research, analyze and solve the problem. Not many people know how to do this. Your brain is… Read More


Ian Lurie5 Feb, 2009

Webinar Tonight: Blogging For Business

I’m doing another Trump University Webinar tonight: Blogging for Business Time: 5 PM Pacific You can register here. This will be a pretty elementary look at blogging: Setting up your first blog. Listening in to the blogging world. Getting yourself to write. Handling comments. Blogging etiquette. If you’re looking to get started you’ll probably like… Read More

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Ian Lurie4 Feb, 2009

Bridesmaid, Again: Crushed in the Semmys

Sniff. My post, 17 Internet Marketing Things I Will Not Write About, came in a distant second to a knock-off of an Alanis Morisette tune. I retreat to my secret hideout, swearing, “I’ll get you next time, Gadget. Next tiimeeee….”