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Ian Lurie7 Jan, 2009

9 Tools I’m Using Every Day

Hard to believe, but I’m not much of a tools guy. I tend to use a text editor, an image editor, an outlining tool and a Moleskine. So, when I use a new tool more than four times, it’s worth writing about. To all the folks who send me tools for reviews and stuff, please,… Read More


Ian Lurie5 Jan, 2009

The Perfect Blog Post

I have strived (striven? striveded?) for years to write the perfect blog post. I think I finally have it. Here goes (ahem): Introduction involving cute puppy, family member, description of recent travels or new toy. Synergy. Web 2.0 internet conversations branding. Branding conversations web 2.0 XML hyperlinking dynamic community. Twitter. Facebook social media 3.0 mashup,… Read More

EMBG-160x35 Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie2 Jan, 2009

Marketing Sherpa’s 2009 Email Marketing Benchmark Guide

[I get paid if you buy a copy - full disclosure. It's a dang good book though.] When someone tells me that, to improve my e-mail marketing, I need to “write more compelling content”, my first impulse is to hit them with something heavy and unforgiving. These kinds of vague pronouncements are like telling me… Read More

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