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Ian Lurie21 Oct, 2009

Free web site review contest: The winners

The submissions are in, the judges (well, judge) has decided. The winners of a free 10Things web site review are:, because they bought a copy of my book., because Laurence’s post made me laugh. Alex Hardy, even though he spells ‘favorite’ funny. I’ll contact each of you no later than Tuesday to set… Read More

hideftv Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie20 Oct, 2009

Internet Marketing is like HiDef TV

This weekend, my wife and I bought a flat-screen, LCD TV set. Hard to believe, but Ian Lurie, ubergeek, has never owned a TV larger than 36″, and hasn’t bought a TV since 2002. We got it home, did all the hookup stuff. Turned on the TV. And our jaws dropped. It is impossible to… Read More


Ian Lurie15 Oct, 2009

Action + perception = identity: Branding in Social Media

I’m on a panel in about 2 hours at REBlogworld. The panel I’m on will discuss the relationship between branding and social media. So I’ve been thinking a lot about the intersection of brands and social media. Here’s the thing: Your brand is not your logo. Your brand has always been: Action. The actions you… Read More

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Ian Lurie14 Oct, 2009

Watch me hide behind a concrete post: My Wordcamp Seattle Presentation

The nice folks at recorded my presentation at WordCamp Seattle 2009. You can watch it right here: Or in larger size here. Note how I skillfully conceal myself behind a concrete post at least 3 times in the presentation. I thought that was pretty damned clever. PS: I’m in Las Vegas for Blogworld until… Read More

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Ian Lurie12 Oct, 2009

3 Feedburner Engagement Stats You Must Follow

This post assumes you’re a Feedburner user. If you’re not, here’s the short version: Feedburner gives you a bunch of free tools to enhance your site’s RSS feed. You can read more and get set up (for free) here. Everyone brags about their Feedburner subscriber numbers. Too bad those don’t really tell you squat. The… Read More

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Ian Lurie9 Oct, 2009

SEO, Title Tags and Rankings: CM Site Review #5

This week’s site review is Solid site but it has the potential to grab a top 10 ranking for their best phrase with a few tweaks. And yes, that’s my head talking in the video. Let me know if it’s eerily horrifying, helpful or not worth the effort of actually combing my hair: Ian… Read More


Ian Lurie8 Oct, 2009

Dork detection: 10 questions for ‘professional’ developers

I don’t have anything against developers. What drives me up a wall are people who think they’re developers because they can drag and drop controls in Visual Studio or Dreamweaver. If you’re not a geek yourself, though, it’s hard to figure out who’s full of knowledge and who’s full of crap. So here you go… Read More

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Ian Lurie8 Oct, 2009

Yep, Twitter is Down

It’s not just you – as reported by The Guardian and a bunch of other publications, Twitter is having some kind of bizarre problem. Again. If I had $100 million in investment dollars, my web site would never ever go down. I’d put servers in orbit, for God’s sake. I’d pay someone $40k/year to stare… Read More

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Ian Lurie7 Oct, 2009

The 10Things Site Review, by Portent

We’re expensive, I know. A long-term engagement with a quality Internet marketing agency is pricey. So we’ve developed a 1-on-1 consulting package that lets you get started without breaking the bank, and without a long-term retainer contract. As part of the program, you get: A custom report listing 10 things you can do to improve… Read More

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Ian Lurie7 Oct, 2009

Get a $500 Website Review, Free

Update: Submissions are now closed. I’ll be announcing the winners on October 21st (or 22nd). Thanks everyone who submitted. I am, by the way, still accepting bribes. Something’s wrong with your web site. Let me restate that: Something’s wrong with your web site. There’s always room to improve your search rankings, copy, design, usability or… Read More

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