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Ian Lurie17 Sep, 2009

The plague that is Powerpoint

I’m striking out against the grand tradition of Powerpoint-as-outline, aka Powerlines. They’re a fatal illness breaking out at conventions, conferences and in board meetings across the country. The authorities would like you to think this is all under control. But trust me, THEY WON’T DO ANYTHING until it’s TOO LATE, and we’re all barricaded in… Read More


Ian Lurie17 Sep, 2009

Speaking gigs: Wordcamp Seattle, REBlogworld

Just a couple of updates: I’ll be running a session at Wordcamp Seattle on 9/26. The session is called “Internet Therapy: Tough Love For Your Blog”. Send in your blog address in advance – I’ll choose a few and then conduct a live blog review for the group. Lots of discussion and questions. And, a… Read More


Ian Lurie14 Sep, 2009

5 Image Editing and Screen Capture Tools For Bloggers

If you’re serious about blogging, then at some point you’ll have to grab an image of your screen. And, in true Give-a-Pig-a-Pancake fashion, once you do that you’ll want to edit it. Then you’ll realize that video would be really cool. And so on. Screen capture: Snapz Pro X I’m probably old-fashioned here, but Snapz… Read More

Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie10 Sep, 2009

Here’s the thing about marketing…

…it’s only as good as the product you’re selling, and your knowledge of the product. See, I can write some great copy, and we can pull together a gorgeous web site, and then we can add all sorts of whiz-bang Web 300.0 stuff to it. We can make the cart really usable, too. And you’ll… Read More

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Ian Lurie9 Sep, 2009

Should I choose marketing or SEO?


momagenda-directory-search Copywriting

Ian Lurie8 Sep, 2009

5 sources of content you didn’t know you had

Content. I’m always harassing my clients to produce more content. It’s essential to good SEO and delivers value for visitors. It’s a pain in the neck to create new content. But chances are, you’ve got lots of great stuff already. 1. Your local stores If you have local stores or independent retailers who sell your… Read More

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Ian Lurie7 Sep, 2009

17 Internet marketing disasters, and how to prepare for them

I am not an optimistic person. So, I spend lot of time sitting around planning for whatever catastrophes might strike me and my clients as we carry out marketing campaigns. Here’s a short list (yes, this is the short list) of the worst calamities and how I try to prevent them, or deal with them… Read More

desc-tag-sample SEO

Ian Lurie4 Sep, 2009

SEO 101: Does the Description Tag Matter?

Short answer: Not to your rankings. The description tag is one of those ‘meta’ tags you hear about a lot. If you clicked view >> source in your web browser, it’d look like this: It’s a bit of text that summarizes the page. There’s no real limit on length. Most search engines will show the… Read More


Ian Lurie3 Sep, 2009

Legal Implications of Social Media: Attribution

Everyone else can debate the merits, the ROI etc. until they’re blue in the face. The truth is, social media or whatever you call it is a great tool. But there are considerable legal implications. Don’t let the implications stop you. Do be mindful: Social media muddies attribution: It’s increasingly hard to judge just who’s… Read More


Elizabeth Marsten2 Sep, 2009

Did Google Earn the Fail Badge or did the Advertiser?

Periodically you’ll see a post where someone has collected “epic fail” (and not just on the Fail Blog) screenshots of ads gone wrong. The serious plane crash news article next to the banner ad for discount tickets on the same airline that crashed. The diet pill flash banner across a forum for recovering anorexics. A… Read More

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