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Ian Lurie19 Mar, 2010

SEO can kill your pageviews (and that’s OK)

This is one of those I’ve-always-known-but-here-it-is-on-paper kind of things: If you do a great job with SEO, and search engines can more effectively deep-crawl your web site, you may see a drastic drop in pageviews. The story: An SEO vampire sucked away our pageviews! A client called me, concerned because their analytics data showed a… Read More

marketfish PPC

Elizabeth Marsten19 Mar, 2010

Why Paid Search Rocks and Email Lists Do Not

Once in awhile someone throws down the gauntlet and you just have to accept. In this case, a former Portentite went on to MarketFish, an email marketing list company in Seattle, claiming that in comparison, paid search is a lesser beast. While I would never throw away a marketing opportunity (we are a full service… Read More

Social Media

Tom Schmitz17 Mar, 2010

Should I Run a Contest for Linkbait or Social Media?

Should you use online contests for social media and SEO?


Ian Lurie17 Mar, 2010

Got an internet marketing question? Ask.

It’s time to play Stump Ian. If you have an internet marketing question, fire away in the comments, below. I’ll choose questions and answer them in post in the coming days and weeks. If you don’t want the question published, just let me know in the comments. Thanks!

stumped Random

Ian Lurie16 Mar, 2010

Finding original stuff

You know what’s really hard? Finding original stuff to write about. I’m at my 3rd conference in 4 weeks. The presenters are great. And the attendees who are hearing it for the first time are getting a lot out of it. But it’s all been said before. And before that. And maybe even before that.… Read More


Ian Lurie12 Mar, 2010

Breaking news: Ian Lurie filing suit for use of ‘ian’

March 12, 2010, Seattle, WA – Ian Lurie, CEO of Portent Interactive B-list SEO geek, has catapulted himself into the limelight by suing every business using words that contain ‘ian’. The lawyer-turned-marketer wants all businesses using words containing ‘ian’ to request permission, first. According to documents leaked to the media, Ian’s lawsuit claims he’s had… Read More


Ian Lurie11 Mar, 2010

The Art of SEO: Book Review

Whenever I read a book on SEO, I want to slap the author. First there’s the inevitable reference to keyword meta tags. Then there’s the “Write great content” line. And the “put more keywords on every page”. Or there’s great stuff like “Exchange links with other sites”. Bleah. So, when I cracked The Art of… Read More

stoneage Analytics

Ian Lurie10 Mar, 2010

How to: Get SEO analytics beyond the stone age

The biggest mistake I see SEO’s make: They focus on keywords first and foremost, ignoring opportunities that exist right in their own analytics data. This is my presentation from SMX West 2010, where I talk about analytics strategies for SEO. It’ll help you get out of the keyword abyss. I added text so that it… Read More


Ian Lurie8 Mar, 2010

25 internet marketing facts

A bunch of random facts about internet marketing, all of which are worth knowing, regardless of their randomness: Internet marketing is hard. Really hard. It’s not something that easily succumbs to a ‘miracle system’. Guys like Shoemoney have it right – they have systems, but they don’t say it’s easy. Internet marketing can’t be done… Read More

Social Media

Tom Schmitz8 Mar, 2010

Oscar Movies are Like Optimized Websites

Did you watch The Oscars last night? It occurred to me that motion pictures are a lot like websites primed for organic search and social media. Movies as Websites Think about the meticulous attention to detail that goes into an Academy Awards caliber movie. It requires a compelling story – well written, skillfully performed, lovingly… Read More

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