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Ian Lurie5 Mar, 2010

Captain Crazy Pants and the Flight to Nowhere

Plot synopsis: Drunk Google engineer, me trapped in window seat, 90 minutes stretches out like years. That’s the short version. Here’s the long one: Have to give Rand Fishkin credit for the title ‘Captain Crazy Pants’. Rand was sitting across the aisle and heard some of the goings-on, so you can check with him to… Read More

Internet Marketing

Elizabeth Marsten4 Mar, 2010

Internet Marketing Jokes

It was only a matter of time before I broke down and degenerated into making awful puns, dirty jokes and drawing conclusions where none should be drawn. Without further adieu, I bring to you….very bad internet marketing jokes. Internet Marketing Relationships We just weren't the same match type. She had too many negative keywords. His… Read More

forrester Social Media

Ian Lurie3 Mar, 2010

YouTube videos are 50x more likely hit page 1

One innocent Tweet and everyone went nuts. Sheesh. The YouTube Video Optimization session at SMX West today kicked butt. Out of many cool tidbits, one really stood out: Matt Ballek pointed out a Forrester study showing that an optimized YouTube video is 50x more likely to get onto page 1 of Google than an optimized… Read More

attribution2 Analytics

Ian Lurie3 Mar, 2010

Attribution: Part 2 – Connecting the dots

This post is somewhat advanced – I geek out quite a bit. If you don’t know what a server log file is, read about that, first, then come back. Yesterday I explained why, in internet marketing, attribution is a mind-sucking pain in the ass. Not very satisfying, I know, because all I said was “This… Read More

president-career-suckage Analytics

Ian Lurie2 Mar, 2010

Attribution: Part 1 – why it sucks to be President

The worst job in the world? President. I’d rather be a telemarketer (been there, done that). It’s not the assassination threats, or the constant hounding by the press, or the fact that you can blow up the earth about 40 times over. It’s about attribution. You get ‘credit’ for things that go wrong, and no… Read More

installation Analytics

Ian Lurie26 Feb, 2010

Google Analytics Tutorial Redux: Installation (with commentary)

This video is now out of date. See the latest GA install tutorial here. Soooooo, I started this tutorial with every intention of being serious. But it’s been a long week, I was up at 4:30 AM and I had Evan in the tutorial. Things went downhill fast. Regardless, it still shows you how to… Read More

Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie25 Feb, 2010

Sell the way your customers want to buy

Linda Lybert knows sales. I mean she really knows sales, the way a history professor knows history. She wrote a brilliant, brief white paper about sales, titled “Are you going to sell to me the way you want to sell or the way I want to buy?”, and she was kind enough to give me… Read More

plagiarizedsearch Featured

Ian Lurie24 Feb, 2010

Content thieves: I want to punch you in the face

Lucky for all of us, I’m a pathetic weakling. Still, I am blogging angry. Furniture-throwing, people-punching, burn-your-business-to-the-ground and then watch you weep over the ashes angry. Your typical plagiarism I can deal with. I booby-trap pages and send pissy e-mails. I’m OK with all of this. Most of these people are stupid – they’re using… Read More

Agenda Random

Ian Lurie23 Feb, 2010

Where I’m speaking in the next 2 months

Standing up and talking internet marketing is one of my favorite things. And no, I’m not being ironic. I really do love it. So, here are some of the speaking gigs I’ll be at in the next month or two: SMX West: March 2-4, 2010, Santa Clara. I’m a panelist in Analytics Action Plans For… Read More

All the info Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie23 Feb, 2010

See me speak. I never shut up.

In the next 2 months, I’m speaking all over the place: SMX West, Pubcon South, SEMPDX Searchfest, IMC Calgary and the Gig Harbor Web Design Meetup. It’s presentation pandemonium. Here’s the list of dates and places, and what I think I’ll be presenting. SMX West: March 2-4, 2010, Santa Clara. Good God, that’s next week!… Read More

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