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tiete SEO

Ian Lurie22 Feb, 2010

Search has a long way to go

I spent the evening tonight working with my son, Harrison, as he tried to complete a report about a particular kind of wood. Harrison’s pretty sharp (of course!) and I didn’t have to help much. So I got to observe as he struggled with Google, Bing and Yahoo! to find the information he needed. A… Read More

dilbertseo SEO

Ian Lurie22 Feb, 2010

Dilbert on SEO

Design & Development

Ian Lurie21 Feb, 2010

24 E-commerce development tips

This is part of my ever-growing list of tips for developers building e-commerce sites. I cover a lot of territory in one list, so be gentle folks. Use SSL only within your cart. There’s a hell of a lot of debate around this. But one fact is clear: SSL page requests require more server cycles… Read More

smoverview1 Featured

Ian Lurie15 Feb, 2010

Social Media Seminar Rebroadcast

Last week I gave a 1-hour presentation about social media to Lenora Edwards’ roundtable group. This is a recording (warts and all) in two parts. I cover a lot of territory, from ‘what is social media’ to a couple of templates for using social media to grow your business. Have a look: Part 1: Part… Read More


Ian Lurie14 Feb, 2010

Thou Shalt Not Mess With Each Other’s Client Lists

Remember how I once said I’m not mean, I’m just angry? Well, this is definitely one of those times when I go from ‘just’ angry to ‘volcano’ angry. A while back, Scott Hendison, an SEO down in Portland, caught a company (who shall remain nameless) being a bit naughty in the SEMPDX discussion forums, which… Read More

betweenthecushions Featured

Ian Lurie12 Feb, 2010

Link building strategies: Video from SEMPDX

Grandma knows best. This is my presentation from SEMPDX this week: Link Building using the stuff you already have, but didn’t know about (aka Finding Links Between the Cushions): Link building sucks. It’s hard, it’s not fun, and the payoff is a long way away. So why not learn to make more from the links… Read More


Tom Schmitz11 Feb, 2010

Enterprise SEO Automation

Recently, I’ve heard about startups that want to automate enterprise SEO for large websites. I suppose they theorize that if Google, Bing and the other search engines can gather Internet content, categorize it and rank it, then it’s possible to write software that will recast your content as a perfect website. I do not believe… Read More


Portent Staff11 Feb, 2010

Personalized Search Strategies & Video Games

On Sunday, Rand Fishkin posted a great heads-up piece about how personalized search, branding, and leveraging your current rankings can make for an interesting marketing strategy. His mention of the 2007 Pontiac commercial brought up a particularly interesting idea. In the commercial, the viewer is instructed to “Google” Pontiac as opposed to going to a… Read More

dice small Random

Ian Lurie10 Feb, 2010

What we need is a social media monopoly

When Google announced Google Buzz, I groaned. Another tool to work with. Another reputation management timebomb. Another place for people to spam me with ridiculous miracle marketing plans. I have a modest proposal: Let’s kill all social media platforms save 1 or two. I don’t even care which ones. Just kill any duplicates. I mean,… Read More

sixpack Random

Ian Lurie9 Feb, 2010

Presenting tonight at SEMPDX event

I’m one of the panelists tonight for SEMPDX’s Link Building Six Pack. I feel I must warn everyone that, after driving down here, while eating a McDonald’s lunch and listening to SEO Rockstars on Webmaster Radio, I’m feeling a bit, er, cursey. Is that a word? I’m not sure. Anyway: Tonight’s presentation will be PG13.… Read More

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