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dunbar-massive Featured

Ian Lurie5 Feb, 2010

Dunbar’s number and warp drive: Building your social network beyond 150

This is really, really geeky stuff for a Friday. Plus, I had to dig waaaay back to my college Sociology courses to figure it out. You’ve probably heard a lot about the fact that a person can only maintain relationships with 150 people before their brains are frappe’d into cottage cheese. It’s a valid assumption.… Read More

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Ian Lurie2 Feb, 2010

10 questions to evaluate an SEO

One tradition in marketing: If something works, you beat it to death, and then some more, until it’s a broad, flat spot on the ground. So, after folks loved my first piece, 10 questions to evaluate a social media expert, I’ve decided to do another about SEOs. Face it: If there’s one industry that’s even… Read More

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Ian Lurie1 Feb, 2010

Introducing The Fat Free Guide: What I’d do on Groundhog Day

I’m talking about the movie Groundhog Day, not the day when we try to predict the weather using a large rodent (I know it’s not really a rodent, but come on). Quick synopsis: Bill Murray lives through the same day again and again as the universe tries to show him the direction to take his… Read More


Ian Lurie1 Feb, 2010

2010 SEMMY Winner: You like me! You really really like me!

I’m probably way too excited about this, but hey, it’s stuff like this that compensates for lots of nights writing blog posts. Thanks to everyone who voted for my post, 10 Questions to evaluate a social media ‘expert’.

talking Random

Ian Lurie30 Jan, 2010

My BlogTalkRadio Interview with Rey Ybarra

Rey Ybarra of the New Media Radio Hour interviewed me last week. Here’s the recording, if you want to listen:

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Ian Lurie28 Jan, 2010

How SEO ruins Copy, and how your customers can fix it for you

[ read the transcript for this video here ] At Pubcon Las Vegas 2009 I gave a presentation about copywriting and SEO. I finally had time to re-record it. Here it is, minus my quick work as a tech support specialist: Good copywriting and SEO don’t get along. That’s what folks want you to think,… Read More

lemur small Random

Ian Lurie28 Jan, 2010

Webinar tomorrow: The disappearing divide between search and social

Blake Cahill of Visible Technologies invited me to present tomorrow in the first of his 2010 webinar series. The subject: The disappearing divide between search and social. I’m going to talk about how you use social media to boost your SEO efforts. Plus, I guarantee at least one photograph of a smug lemur. Really. You… Read More

Design & Development

Tom Schmitz28 Jan, 2010

Have You Been A/B Tested Recently?

Full disclosure: I am not a designer. I cannot select color palettes. My favorite textures involve brushed steel. Whenever I walk by, our design team seems either out for coffee or in a meeting. That said, even I can recognize colossal web design blunders. It's amazing how the perfectly wrong photo will rip the eyes… Read More

Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie27 Jan, 2010

Internet Marketing and the Second 50

I used to do these ultra-marathon cycling events. ‘Used to’ means ’16 years ago’, by the way. You’d get up in the morning, ride 200-500 miles in a single day, and then go pass out. Insanity. But I learned something really important: No matter how long the ride, the second 50 miles is the worst.… Read More

mozblog SEO

Ian Lurie26 Jan, 2010

9 SEO upgrades you can make right now

SEO is really, really hard. Not because it’s mysterious: If you can’t do the math there are always smarty pants out there analyzing the algorithms. You can always just read their stuff and learn. No, it’s hard because it’s nearly impossible to figure out where to start. Here are the 10 site upgrades I usually… Read More