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Portent Staff25 Jan, 2010

Portent Interactive Visits Zoka Coffee

Who says on-the-job research can’t be fun – and heavily caffeinated? Last week, Portent Interactive took a field trip to the Seattle headquarters of what is quickly becoming our tastiest new client: Zoka Coffee Roaster & Tea Company. In the Name of Research A field trip seemed like the logical thing to do – even… Read More

bullshit Featured

Ian Lurie25 Jan, 2010

eHow, I call bullshit

There have been a lot of rumblings lately about eHow, one of many massive content farms, hurting their writers’ revenue. Accusations include: Copying articles from the US site (where writers get paid for pageviews) to the UK site (where they don’t); Keeping their payment algorithm a mystery, so no one knows how or why they… Read More


Ian Lurie25 Jan, 2010

Vote for me in the Semmys. Pretty please?

My post, 10 Questions to Evaluate A Social Media ‘Expert’, is in the industry section finals of the Semmy Awards. If you know what the Semmys are, you know why I want to win. If you don’t, then just trust me it’s about time that I stop being the Susan Lucci of the SEO world,… Read More


Ian Lurie22 Jan, 2010

Zombies, social media and the buying cycle

I think it’s time we all moved on. I’m going to stop bitching about the phrase ‘social media’. In exchange, you’re all going to stop pondering whether you need a social media strategy. The term social media is here to stay, clearly. And it is critical as new potential customers come looking for what you… Read More

andertoons Random

Ian Lurie21 Jan, 2010

Six Stunning Secrets to Blogging Like a Cartoonist

Mark Anderson created a great comic about blogger’s block (bloggage, in my own unique language). It’s fun to look at, but more important, he points out great, time-honored tricks for any creative type who’s stuck for an idea. I’ve used them from time to time and they’re lifesavers: Combine, like I sometimes do with my… Read More

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Ian Lurie19 Jan, 2010

My no-paywall plan to save the New York Times

Update: The New York Times just announced their new ‘metered pricing’ plan, which does the opposite of my idea by charging the more loyal readers more than the one-stop lookie-loos, and offering no reward whatsoever. Read it here. Actually, it’s my plan for how the New York Times can save itself. First, a little history:… Read More

google-analytics-cheatsheet Analytics

Ian Lurie17 Jan, 2010

The Google Analytics Cheatsheet

I’m an idiot. Last week, someone commented on a post I wrote for SEOMOZ’s YouMOZ service that they’d like a Google Analytics Cheatsheet. I wrote back “OK, I’ll do it.” Guess what? Google Analytics has a ton of features. And even more tricks and hacks that folks have developed over the years. So this 2-page… Read More


Ian Lurie15 Jan, 2010

Interview on Search Engine Journal

Todd Mintz interviewed me for Search Engine Journal. If you’re looking for a chance to embarrass me at the next internet marketing conference, this interview has lots of good material: Read the interview here. You can follow Todd Mintz on Twitter at ToddMintz. Recommended reading! Also, best title award goes to @AlanBleiweiss:

sej interview Random

Ian Lurie15 Jan, 2010

Interview on Search Engine Journal

Todd Mintz interviewed me for Search Engine Journal. The interview includes nuggets like: “when I meet them I get an immediate desire to hit them with a chair. It’s some kind of superpower, I guess.” and “It all comes together eventually. I hope. Cough.” Great reading if you want heckling material for when I speak… Read More

mozblog invisible pages Analytics

Ian Lurie13 Jan, 2010

Find the pages search engines can’t with Google Analytics

I just published a new post up on SEOMOZ’s YouMOZ. It’s worth a read if you’re looking for a way to find pages on your site that have not received any clicks from organic search. Find Invisible Pages Using Google Analytics