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using wordpress Design & Development

Ian Lurie13 Jan, 2010

HTML Basics Lesson 5: Using WordPress

This one’s an experiment: I’m going to spend this and the next few HTML Basics lessons showing you how to use WordPress to apply the HTML stuff you’ve learned in the last 4 lessons. An introduction to using WordPress to add and edit content on the web. Please let me know what you think –… Read More


Ian Lurie13 Jan, 2010

Google vs. China: The rise of the Data State

Google’s pissed at China. China is trying to pretend they don’t care. Under all the high school drama there’s a serious change, though, that I can’t ignore. So I’m putting on my historian hat for today’s post. Read it anyway. History is fun, when you look at it the right way: Used to be, if… Read More

mediahacks Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie12 Jan, 2010

Read Trust Agents

Chris Brogan is one of the ‘it’ guys in social media right now. So when he and Julien Smith published Trust Agents, I figured I should give it a read. Julien is on a podcast called Media Hacks. He curses a lot, which makes me like him. I am, as you can likely tell, very… Read More

conversation marketing Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie12 Jan, 2010

A blast from the past

Just a random, too-early-in-the-morning post to point out that I still have this internet marketing book you can read, online, for free (as in beer): Conversation Marketing: An internet marketing strategy that works You can buy a copy, too, of course. But for some reason folks prefer the free version. Go figure…


Ian Lurie11 Jan, 2010

This is not a porn site: My review of referring keywords

Seriously, this is not, and never has been, an ‘adult’ site. K? You’re wondering why I even have to say that? Well, today I innocently took a glance at my Google Analytics referring keyword report, and look at my #1 keyword for the last 30 days: I thought maybe that was some kind of organization… Read More


Tom Schmitz11 Jan, 2010

Google Caffeine – Don’t Let It Keep You Awake at Night

It appears that Google’s new infrastructure, code named Google Caffeine, is rolling-out live to data centers. Why is this important? Expect to see ranking changes. Don’t freak-out. We’re not talking 2012 or Alderaan upheaval here.   That said, expect disturbances in the force. While most well and legitimately optimized websites should remain unscathed, it’s likely… Read More

cadelsuffer-300x169 Random

Ian Lurie7 Jan, 2010

Mashups are everywhere

Today’s post is more of an observation than anything else. Now that I’m back on the bike, I’ve started training using videos from a clever company called Sufferfest Studios. Their videos are… …hard to describe, unless you’re a cyclist. Basically, they’re training videos make you mash the pedals until you’re ready to vomit. I’m not… Read More


Ian Lurie7 Jan, 2010

Social Media Collective Wisdom Survey: 2010

Who’s Blogging What put together a cool survey regarding social media. It’s got all the smart people in the business, plus me: Social media collective wisdom survey 2010

polar-bear-manager Featured

Ian Lurie6 Jan, 2010

Fire your social media manager

Congratulations! You’ve hired a social media manager! Now you can stop wasting your time talking to customers online, or blogging, or anything else in that weird online world. She can handle it all, right? Wrong. If your company has a ‘social media manager’, and she’s responsible for all online conversations, you’ve both failed. Social media… Read More


Ian Lurie6 Jan, 2010

15 Years

In January of 1995, I took my one credit card, purchased a Pentium 75 PC (running the latest version of Windows 3.0) and a business license, and launched The Written Word, Inc. That company is now named Portent Interactive. The date on that first business license is January 7, 1995. So, as of tomorrow, we’ve… Read More