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Ian Lurie1 Dec, 2010

7 ways to keep the conversation going

Dear brands: Why are you so freaking anti-social? Companies and organizations put a ton of time, money and hard work into attracting potential customers to their web site. But then those big brands abandon you: They seem to say “buy now, or we’ll ignore you forever”. That’s not very friendly. The average Fortune 500 CEO… Read More


Ian Lurie30 Nov, 2010

Internet marketing insanity, and it’s only Tuesday

Oh. God. It’s been one of those weeks that shakes my faith in marketing. And it’s Tuesday. So, second day of the week, and second ranty post. First off, if Google is so damned smart, how is this butthead exploiting negative feedback for fun and profit? This is a guy who’s calling people ‘bitch’, threatening… Read More

Internet Marketing

Tom Schmitz29 Nov, 2010

Happy Cyber Monday

Today is Cyber Monday, the first Monday after Thanksgiving. Cyber Monday got its start in the days when most homes still used dial-up Internet access or had no Internet at all. *shudder* Businesses were hooking-up to broadband and employees soon found that they could shop faster and more effectively at the office. Logic has it… Read More


Ian Lurie29 Nov, 2010

Kicking a bully’s ass

Update: Thanks everyone for responding. Talk about too much of a good thing. I’ve got almost 100 people so far who are helping out. Please be patient if i don’t get to you for a bit. Today I get to rant, and you get to listen. You’re going to help me kick a bully’s ass.… Read More


Elizabeth Marsten24 Nov, 2010

Taking the Microsoft AdExcellence Exam Part 4

Moving on the part 4 in the Microsoft adExcellence Exam series, we explore the Tracking Ad Performance section. After this, you’re more than half way there! Microsoft Adcenter Reports (3:22) This section just explains where to find the reporting features and what kinds of reports where are. -There are 3 types of reports: Delivery, Budget… Read More

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Ian Lurie23 Nov, 2010

Internet marketing requirements for clients

So, you’ve decided to hire an internet marketing company. Congratulations! Before you kick back your heels and say “go do it” to your newly hired partners, though, here are a few things you’ll need to know: You’ll have to change your web site. A lot. Search engine optimization will require changes to content, code and… Read More


Elizabeth Marsten23 Nov, 2010

Taking the Microsoft AdExcellence Exam Part 1

Back in 2006 I took this little test for Yahoo to become a Search Ambassador. The test was pretty silly, a few of the questions actually required an answer that proclaimed Yahoo to be the greatest like “With the most searches globally, which search engine has more than X million searches?” Choose from Google, Yahoo,… Read More


Ian Lurie22 Nov, 2010

How to advertise when the giant gorilla doesn’t seem to be doing the trick.

This is a guest post by Bruce Lee. Bruce is one of the best marketers and marketing writers I know, and I’m excited to have him writing for Conversation Marketing. Hopefully more from Bruce in the future. Critters respond to contrast. They tend to ignore conformity. In Jurassic Park, the tyrannosaurus seemed to see prey… Read More

Design & Development

Ian Lurie19 Nov, 2010

5 response codes you gotta know: Learn to speak server

Whether you’re an internet marketing wonk, a top IT geek or an SEO pro, you need to know how to speak web server. Not fluently, of course. If you can do the equivalent of asking where the bathroom is, you’ll be in good shape. That’s what I’m going to go over now. When you visit… Read More

Social Media

Doug Antkowiak19 Nov, 2010

Promoting Your Company on LinkedIn Just Got Easy (Kind of)

As the Facebook of the business world, LinkedIn has become the go-to social media scene for career movers and shakers, and now it’s more influential than ever.