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Ian Lurie18 Nov, 2010

Want social media success? Be a nut case.

“Your father’s quite the character”. That’s what someone said to my son last year while he was getting his acting debut (he’s the boy you see swinging upside-down at the video’s start). She was referring to my habit of yanking his shoes off while he was on the swing set, and then trying to put… Read More


Michael Wiegand17 Nov, 2010

Advanced Segment Tutorial #1 – Keyword Groups

I’m Michael Wiegand, resident Analytics nerd at Portent. Let’s be honest: With a slew of new Google Analytics features being launched every 6-12 months, it can make your head spin just keeping up, let alone finding a practical application for them. In this monthly series, I’ll tackle making sense of one of the more powerful… Read More


Ian Lurie17 Nov, 2010

Python code to grab KeywordDiscovery API data

If you use the KeywordDiscovery API, and Python, my pain is your gain. It took me a few hours to get this to work. You can grab it and go. Here’s the function, written in my usual Python Pigdin. I don’t recommend using it without a passing knowledge of Python, but that’s up to you:… Read More

inpage analytics Analytics

Ian Lurie12 Nov, 2010

Why Google’s new in-page analytics sorta sucks: A video

I lie at the beginning of this video. I say that there are some things I love about Google Analytics’ new ‘in-page analytics’ feature. Truth is, I hate it. You know I’m a fan of all things Google Analytics, but man, this one stinks up the joint like a rotting pig carcass. Watch the video… Read More


Ian Lurie11 Nov, 2010

My weirdest referring keywords

Yeahhhh I have no idea what to blog tonight. But I happened to take a peek at my referring keywords report in Google Analytics. Here are the weirdest of the bunch: Monster trucks. I know the post that draws the traffic, but how the hell do I still rank for this phrase? Snidely Whiplash. Again,… Read More


Ian Lurie9 Nov, 2010

Why Toolbar PageRank is Worthless

Soooo, a few readers asked me why I don’t use PageRank as a statistic. I thought about writing a long, angry, ranty post about Toolbar PageRank, bank bailouts and the moron on NPR today who said the USA has reduced its carbon emissions since 2000, etc. etc. but stopped myself. Instead, I’ve got a nice… Read More


Elizabeth Marsten9 Nov, 2010

AdCenter Syndicated Search Partners- The Content Network of 2006

I’m sure someone in branding at Google had a reason for trying to rename the Content Network the Display Network, if only to help us all forget about those awful lists of sites and thousands of impressions where clicks went to die, were unmanageable and never made a cent. Welcome to 2010, where as usual,… Read More


Ian Lurie8 Nov, 2010

In web analytics, everything is relative

What’s a good bounce rate for my web site? I get that kind of question a lot. What’s a ‘good’ bounce rate? A ‘good’ time on site? The answer, I’m afraid, is: Better than your current bounce rate. Better than your current time on site. In web analytics, it’s best to focus on your own… Read More

seochat Random

Ian Lurie5 Nov, 2010

Python web crawler code – use at your own risk

Update 12.13.10 Big changes to the crawler code: Switched from urllib, which left sockets open and created memory leaks, crashes and other computer higgledy-piggledy, to httplib. Now fetching mime-type and using it to separate images from text pages. Better URL handling. Cleaner output – removes domain name from output for smaller, easier to handle files.… Read More

seo analytics Analytics

Ian Lurie4 Nov, 2010

5 SEO metrics I gotta have

I’m on #seochat tonight. I’m super-excited about it, so I’ve been scribbling notes for anticipated questions. The topic, which I’ve actually talked about before, is SEO analytics. For me, there are five crucial SEO metrics. If you don’t have these, hang it up: Key phrase diversity. The number of unique phrases driving traffic to your… Read More