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Ian Lurie3 Nov, 2010

Soul searching and a sanity pledge

Last week, I went to Tokyo to speak at ad:tech. 20 hours of air travel so I could be there for about 48 hours. I worked on the plane, both ways. Everyone around me sneezed and phlegmed like there was no tomorrow. I was exhausted while in Tokyo, exhausted when I got back on Saturday,… Read More

wappow Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie2 Nov, 2010

Register for social media woot! Palm Springs by 11/4, get a free Apple TV

I’ve spent 3 days now in a vicodin-induced haze, trying to recover from a kidney stone. Yesterday at about noon, the vicodin stopped working and I spent 6 hours curled up in a ball. Now I know why: The folks at Wappow! stole my vicodin and replaced it with sugar pills. It’s the only possibility,… Read More


Ian Lurie28 Oct, 2010

The pre-holiday internet marketing checklist: 20 things you should be doing but probably aren’t

If you make a living selling stuff to consumers, chances are the next few months are pretty important. Here’s a quick list of things you need to get in order before Hanuchristmakwanzaa: 1: Get to work on local search In case you’ve been under a rock, Google has released a new blended search results page… Read More


Elizabeth Marsten28 Oct, 2010

Pimping Out Product Extension Ads

As of Thursday the 14th of October, Google released additional attributes that you and I can use to control and track those products that show up in product extension ads better. And as of Wednesday, October 17th, 2012, Google is moving to an all paid platform, so I’ve updated this post. Each item that has… Read More

Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie27 Oct, 2010

Noise: The state of internet marketing

How’s internet marketing doing these days? I give it a B-. An 80%. The other 20% got lost in the noise. Good stuff Internet marketing is growing up! Marketers with multi-million dollar budgets no longer look at me like a cockroach when I walk into their boardrooms. My relatives no longer think I sell porn… Read More


Ian Lurie26 Oct, 2010

Speaking at ad:tech Tokyo

I’m off to ad:tech Tokyo to participate in the “Search Marketing Strategies: Local vs. Global” panel. I’m very excited – it’s my first ad:tech, and my first time headed to Japan. I may miss a few blog posts here and there, but will try to Tweet/blog sessions as I attend.

Internet Marketing

Tom Schmitz25 Oct, 2010

How To Become a Super Affiliate and Get Rich

Have you ever wondered how super affiliates operate or how you can become one? Here are some insider secrets to get you started.


Ian Lurie21 Oct, 2010

Duplicate content sin #2: Default page linking

Last week I wrote about duplicate content sin #1 – screwy pagination. Today I’m going to explain a much simpler, but bigger problem: The inconsistent default page link. When I say ‘default page’, I mean whatever page you’d first see if you navigated to a folder on a web site. So the default page for… Read More


Ian Lurie20 Oct, 2010

SEO Tools I use

Yes, some of the links in this article are affiliate links, I might be evil and biased and out to rip you off, FCC requires me to say this, etc. blah blah. I’ve been rejiggering my SEO toolbox lately: I used to focus on the ‘cool’ stuff – things I thought would impress clients, generate… Read More


Ian Lurie20 Oct, 2010

Stupid, or evil? Facebook manages both with new privacy breach

We spend all our time hand-wringing over Google and Microsoft’s intrusions into our private lives. We freak out over the Patriot Act. Well, they’re all pikers compared to Facebook. Facebook has allowed companies like Rapleaf to match up our Facebook user IDs with web browsing histories. Yep. They can now match up your browsing habits… Read More

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