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Ian Lurie11 Oct, 2010

SEO Obviousness: Duplicate content sucks

Saying there’s no longer a duplicate content penalty is a semantic weasel routine that ignores one hard fact: Duplicate content will kill your rankings. I’ve written a lot about canonicalization and the content duplication toilet bowl of death. Those are causes of duplication. Read the two articles I linked to above first if you don’t… Read More


Ian Lurie8 Oct, 2010

New ebook: The Fat Free Guide to Google Analytics

I just finished writing The Fat Free Guide to Google Analytics. You should buy it. Now would be good. It’s chock-full of analytical goodness, including info on: Calculating the value of one visitor to your web site; Setting up goals in Google Analytics; Interpreting analytics data. I worked hard to make this a super-practical, easy-to-apply… Read More


Ian Lurie7 Oct, 2010

Battling copywriting rigor mortis

You can’t decide what to write for your next blog post. So you do a list. Then you do another list. Then you do a list of ways to write a good list. I fall into that trap, all the time. If it’s not lists, it’s sarcastic posts about marketing fads, or cute analogies, or… Read More

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Ian Lurie5 Oct, 2010

I talk local search for Boomertechtalk

Linda Sherman and co. just launched a new blog called Boomertechtalk. The site offers everything from backup advice to marketing tips. Linda interviewed me about local search and posted my semi-coherent ramblings on the blog: If I’m a little incoherent, I’ll note that the previous 48 hours included: Me recovering from King Kamehameha’s Revenge. 2010… Read More


Ian Lurie30 Sep, 2010

Can we do content like Apple does hardware?

A thought that’s been germinating in my head for some time: People want content that does the same thing. If you can produce online content – text, ebooks, video, whatever – that makes folks want to read it the instant they glance at it, you can get a major internet marketing win. Apple’s example Apple… Read More

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Ian Lurie28 Sep, 2010

The blogger’s travel checklist

I’m in Hawaii at Search & Social Woot!, and I keep losing stuff. My cell phone’s USB cable. My tickets to special events. My wedding ring (thankfully found again on the floor in my hotel room). My mind. I have no excuses, but the rash of absent-mindedness has me thinking about the stuff I always… Read More


Ian Lurie27 Sep, 2010

PageRank explained, without math (really)

Whenever I try to explain the concept of true Pagerank – not the fake number you see in the Google Toolbar – I find myself going into all sorts of metaphorical gymnastics. PageRank is like a tree… no, it’s like a fountain… no, wait, an electrical grid… or is it a squid…? At long last,… Read More

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Ian Lurie23 Sep, 2010

10 things to put in your SEO proposal

It’s hard to write an SEO proposal. Clients are skeptical. You’re skeptical. Hell, everyone’s skeptical. But there are some things that can help. These are a few of the components I put into any proposal – these avoid misunderstandings, set expectations and help me seal the deal. The price. Don’t hide the price. Do put… Read More


Ian Lurie22 Sep, 2010

22 things I’ve never said

I’m rapidly reaching some kind of cranial detonation point, I think. Don’t get me wrong – after 15 years in this business, I have colleagues and clients I really like. Through arguments and successes we’ve stuck together and done some cool stuff. But there are those other ones. They’re like a water torture, dropping ridiculous… Read More


Ian Lurie20 Sep, 2010

My first foray into sponsored tweets. FAIL.

Note that I am using as part of this test. I am not saying is bad. They have a great site, a nice toolset and make no promises. I am suggesting (spoiler alert) that sponsored tweets rank in profitability somewhere below hiring alchemists to try to turn lead into gold. Sometimes, I just… Read More

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