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Ian Lurie30 Mar, 2011

10 tips for writing that sells

No matter why you have it, your web site needs to sell. You need to get visitors to do something, whether that something is ‘sign up’, ‘buy now’ or just ‘keep reading’. Here are 10 quick tips for copy persuades, sells and converts: Start by telling people why they should read. Marketing copywriting 101: You… Read More


Ian Lurie30 Mar, 2011

Google ‘guru’ lives up to its name, is pretty dumb

Quick update: If you type in ’2*4′ it will actually do the math for you. However, typing in ‘pointless’ still returns no results. I’ve long assumed that most folks who call themselves ‘gurus’ are pretty deficient in the guru-ness department. Turns out, the same is true of automated chat bots. Google just launched Google Talk… Read More


Ian Lurie29 Mar, 2011

The agency employees’ guide to bosses

You knew this was coming after yesterday’s post, right? Seems only fair that, after providing agency bosses a guide to employees, I now provide marketing agency employees a guide to bosses. Unfortunately, this is really only a guide to me. I can’t see inside other boss’s heads. And they can’t see inside mine, I hope.… Read More


Ian Lurie28 Mar, 2011

A marketing agency boss’s guide to employees

Important note! I should point out that these lessons had nothing to do the crapstorm that was my Monday. In fact, my employees probably kept me from flinging myself, clothed in raccoon pelts and howling with laughter, into the Green River. No one at Portent is in trouble! Except me, maybe. Yesterday, I finished some… Read More


Elizabeth Marsten28 Mar, 2011

PPC eBooks for Small Business

It took me much longer than I anticipated it would, but here they are! PPC eBooks meant for small businesses- small business being defined as a PPC budget of $1,000 or less in a month. That’s not to say a $500,000 per month budget wouldn’t benefit from this information, it’s just as a small business… Read More


Tom Schmitz25 Mar, 2011

High Quality Content on the Web == Golf?

What is Quality? Since the Google Panda update, aka Farmer update, I've received numerous queries asking what constitutes quality content. The actual questions are pretty diverse: What is good content? What is poor content? What makes one article better than another? Is link bait the same as good content? Does how I launch an article… Read More


Ian Lurie25 Mar, 2011

Blatant Pluggery: The PPC E-books you gotta buy

I am biased here. I’m writing a review of a PPC ebook that one of my own staff wrote. You might think that that means I’ll give her a glowing review. Wrong. I’m biased towards ripping teammates’ writing apart. I edit. I niggle. I ask for changes. I rewrite stuff. When the author is within… Read More


Ian Lurie24 Mar, 2011

15 Report writing tips

I want to thank all the agencies out there who get Portent new clients. Thank you. When you promise a client you’ll send them ‘monthly reports’, and instead e-mail them something like this: You couldn’t be helping me more. Bless you. You’re totally disappointing your client, because they understand that a report is not the… Read More

Internet Marketing

Aviva Jorstad24 Mar, 2011

Herding Cats and Other Animalian Project Management Analogies

Managing an internet marketing project can often feel like standing in the middle of a zoo when the monkeys finally make a break for it. Overdramatic? Perhaps, but the point remains – it’s hectic. At Portent, we have a team-based approach, which means multiple parties and timelines are in play, simultaneously. If not watched with… Read More

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Ian Lurie21 Mar, 2011

If you can write, we should talk

So, I’m greedy. I’ve got this amazing team at Portent, right? They produce all sorts of great training content, link bait, funny lists, news, etc. that we post for clients and for our own bizarre sites. But I want more, dammit. We keep a list of headlines, topics and stuff that we want to write… Read More

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