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Ian Lurie2 Mar, 2011

The perfect internet marketing dashboard

I want the perfect marketing dashboard. But I can never seem to find it. Here’s what it needs to look like: Why is that so hard? If I’m missing something, let me know.


Ian Lurie1 Mar, 2011

Science fiction and your web site revenue plan

Yep, I’m finally getting into the infographics game. Here’s my sketch of where most corporate internet revenue planning seems to end up: Yeah, I’m keeping the day job, don’t worry.


Ryan Moothart28 Feb, 2011

Three Keys to PPC Ad Copy You Should Be Aware of

Google processes nearly one billion search queries every single day. If you estimate that an average of four ads show per search query, it would mean Google shows around four billion PPC ads in a 24 hour period. Needless to say, that’s an absurd amount of online advertising being broadcast out to the world. With… Read More


Tom Schmitz24 Feb, 2011

Smart Internal Linking for SEO

If you charted your website’s internal links does it possess a logical order to it or does it look like a plate of spaghetti? Be careful before you answer. Strip away all the design and page names. Think of your site as dots (pages) and lines (links). Many websites try to link too many pages… Read More

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Ian Lurie23 Feb, 2011

25 tips for building your own agency

These are the 25 tips I gave at my SearchFest presentation today. These are from the heart, based on my own personal screw-ups over a 16-year career (so far) running my own agency. Running your own agency is like wrestling with a s–t-covered bear. You may get mauled and eaten. You may win. But at… Read More

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Ian Lurie22 Feb, 2011

Book giveaway tomorrow at Searchfest

I’m speaking tomorrow at SEMPDX Searchfest. My topic: Building your search agency. I figure someone should learn from my pain. If you’re going to Searchfest tomorrow (and you should be), come up to me and say ‘hi’. I’ll even bribe you to do it: I’ll be giving out 30 copies of my book, Conversation Marketing,… Read More


Ian Lurie21 Feb, 2011

Trash the web sites: What Gawker (probably) said

Update: Read to the end for a graph that Rishil sent me, courtesy of Sitemeter. The data is hard to ignore: Gawker is literally designing themselves out of existence. Gawker. Media. Need I say more? They launched a new design for all their sites—LifeHacker, Gizmodo, etc.—a few weeks back. In doing so, they reduced their… Read More


Ian Lurie18 Feb, 2011

11 signs you’re not ready to run your own company

So, you want to run your own company? Check this list first. If you fit more than 4 of these, you might want to wait a while. You still have some growing up to do: Your ego is bigger than you are. You just have to be the smartest person in the room. Uh-oh. That’s… Read More


Elizabeth Marsten17 Feb, 2011

Taking the Microsoft AdExcellence Exam Part 5

Moving on to section #5 of the video series, Optimizing Ad Performance, we start to see the light at the end of the tunnel of this video series! Stay tuned for parts 6 & 7 to close out this marathon of AdExcellence. Campaign Optimization (6:01) The bottom line of this video is really is how… Read More


Ian Lurie16 Feb, 2011

Groupon’s days are numbered

Yesterday I wrote about how discounts are addictive, and can kill your business. The addictive nature of discounts is why I think Groupon should’ve sold to Google. Most of the businesses that use Groupon have no idea how to handle discounts as a marketing tool. So they fling deals out left and right. That leads… Read More

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