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Ian Lurie15 Feb, 2011

Discounts: The Vicodin of internet marketing

Discounts are the Vicodin of internet marketing I’m not a fan of discounts as a core marketing strategy. Use them once in a while? Sure, that’s fine. Use them too often, though, and they’ll kill your business. See, they’re an addictive substance. An aside: Vicodin, addictive stuff, and why this matters Four years ago I… Read More

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Ian Lurie14 Feb, 2011

5 instant internet marketing upgrades

I’ve made a bet with myself that, by adding ‘instant’ and the number ’5′, I will get triple the normal traffic to this post. If I win, I have to buy myself a chocolate bar. No fun intro today, so I’ll just get to it—five utterly random but simple little things you can do to… Read More

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Doug Antkowiak14 Feb, 2011

Facebook Page Changes You Must Make Before You Upgrade

Facebook finally made the page design changes we all expected since their accidental upload in December. Tabs are gone, FBML is on the way out and pages can talk to other pages (hope you’re hungry for a tasty batch of Facebook Spam). Every Facebook marketer should be asking themselves, "When do I have to upgrade… Read More


Ian Lurie11 Feb, 2011

Companies need tension: Avoiding the ‘You Go’ effect

I had a discussion yesterday with Ed Lopit, one of the most insightful businessmen I know. That discussion led to this blog post. If you want to learn to master this stuff, talk to him I’ve been called a lotta things over the years. Most of them can’t be written on a PG blog. But… Read More


Michael Wiegand11 Feb, 2011

Studying for the Google Analytics IQ Exam

I cannot lie – The prospect of taking the Google Analytics Certification Test intimidated me. I know my way around Google Analytics well. I counsel clients. But Google has this way of concocting test questions that are just odd enough to make you question your answers. Would there be lots of questions on the code… Read More


Tom Schmitz10 Feb, 2011

Include SEO Early & Often in Your Web Projects

Use SEO early & often. Don’t make search engine optimization a discrete step in your project cycle. SEO: Not a Project Milestone Within a project, reaching a milestone means you finished an important and related group of tasks.  Too often businesses isolate SEO as a separate project milestone, usually close to the end. Their project… Read More

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Ian Lurie9 Feb, 2011

Don’t be a literary prude: How to write with personality

I’m reading Writing with Style by John R. Trimble. If you want to learn to write with personality, this book’s a fantastic place to start. My favorite chapter so far is titled “Superstitions” and begins “This chapter concerns literary prudes.” In it, Trimble describes a few ‘rules’ for writing. I put rules in quotes because… Read More


Ian Lurie7 Feb, 2011

10 phrases that mean your blog post is worthless

I’m guilty of these myself. But I’m starting to see them show up more and more, on big sites (you know who you are) that are supposed to know better. Inevitably, these phrases are followed by a stock photo and 250+ words that basically repeat the same phrase, again and again. Then the writer gets… Read More


Elizabeth Marsten7 Feb, 2011

Google Places: Treat Tags & Boost Like Your PPC

Are you managing your own or your client's Google Places page promotion? If not, you probably should think about it. It all boils down to PPC type management in the end and if left to their own devices, you know what will happen. One person fills it out to the best of their ability one… Read More

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Ian Lurie7 Feb, 2011

10 tips for Larry Page

Yo, Larry. I know we go way back. So I’ve got a bit of business advice for ya: Keep your eye on the ball. Google’s been all over the damned map: Wave, for heaven’s sake? Focus on what you do well: Making tons of stuff findable. Keep spam in check. Right now, your rankings are… Read More