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Ian Lurie4 Feb, 2011

Kenneth Cole’s real mistake: Tactics without a strategy

Unless you live under a rock, or have a life outside the internet, you’ve heard about Kenneth Cole’s now-infamous Tweet-fuffle: Tasteless? Yes. And ill-advised. Tactically it looks brilliant: Surf on a trending hashtag (#Cairo). By tweeting and including that hashtag in his post, Kenneth Cole ensured his tweet would be seen by the millions of… Read More


Ian Lurie2 Feb, 2011

10 reasons you’re not an ‘advanced’ SEO

I’m warning everyone: I’m blogging angry. I waited 24 hours. I’m still angry. So here it is. I am @#$)(* sick and tired of people telling me they’re “advanced” SEO’s, sitting on “advanced” SEO panels and speaking at “advanced” SEO conferences after three years of screwing up people’s web sites with a nofollow tag. Here… Read More


Jaelithe Guillette31 Jan, 2011

4 Sales Tactics That Will Make You a Better Writer

Before I became a writer, I spent eight years in sales. It was a fantastic way to fit work in between classes and afforded me to upgrade my college cuisine to include more than spaghetti noodles. I thought I was just paying for textbooks, but the experience I gathered while selling pianos and cell phones… Read More

Level 32 Nerd Featured

Ian Lurie27 Jan, 2011

Everything I ever learned about marketing I learned from Dungeons and Dragons

I gave a talk today at Emerging Media Conference about marketing and Dungeons & Dragons. I’m hoping to have it as a video pretty soon, but for now, I took a big chunk of it and turned it into a blog post. This is basically a transcript, so it may not make total sense at… Read More

copywriting tips Copywriting

Ian Lurie27 Jan, 2011

6 copywriting tips – Latest Search Engine Land column

My latest Search Engine Land column just went live. I listed out 6 ideas for stuff to write when you’ve got no idea what to write: 6 content tips: How to write when you have nothing to write about

Internet Marketing

Ian Lurie25 Jan, 2011

Marketing principle #1: Everyone needs a Gluten

My wife has me trying to eat gluten-free for a few weeks. That means no bread, cookies, pizza, pasta. It’s like I’ve been told, “Ian, from now on, food will suck”. But I’m doing it. Voluntarily. If Dawn had simply told me, “Eat less starch, eat more veggies, and reduce caloric intake,” I’d totally fail.… Read More


Ian Lurie24 Jan, 2011

4 exit strategies for marketing agency owners

I’m not a big ‘exit strategy’ kind of guy. I prefer to build a cool business that’s going to last, and keep at it. Hence my 16-year stint (thus far) at Portent. But there’s always someone asking me what my strategy is for getting out. So, here you go—created by the Portent-ites—4 exit strategies for… Read More


Elizabeth Marsten24 Jan, 2011

Taking the Microsoft AdExcellence Exam Part 4

Moving on the part 4 in the Microsoft adExcellence Exam series, we explore the Tracking Ad Performance section. After this, you’re more than half way there! Microsoft Adcenter Reports (3:22) This section just explains where to find the reporting features and what kinds of reports where are. There are 3 types of reports: Delivery, Budget… Read More


Ian Lurie21 Jan, 2011

Sorry, but your charts are ugly

I once got fired for improving sales 300%. I showed a client a report. It was awesome and I was dang proud of the results. The report read like this: Sales from organic search last year were $50,000. Sales from organic search this year were $150,000. Sales from PPC last year were $60,000, against a… Read More


Ian Lurie20 Jan, 2011

Lessons in Twitter community building, by Kevin Hillstrom

Kevin Hillstrom is my analytical idol. So, when I bought a copy of his e-book, Twitter Hashtag Analysis a few weeks back, I was mostly looking for hashtag analysis techniques. But I got a huge bonus: This great e-book is a blueprint for Twitter community building. Hillstrom based his e-book on analysis of activity in… Read More