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Ian Lurie6 Jan, 2011

8 copywriting catastrophes and how to avoid them

I’m a creature of habit. And there are 8 stupid copywriting mistakes I make with amazing consistency. Here’s how I try to deal with them: 1. The camouflaged typo Ever use ‘form’ when you meant ‘from’? When you do, your computer snickers to itself and mutters something like Remember that time you cursed at me… Read More


Tom Schmitz6 Jan, 2011

What Social Media Means for SEO

A metamorphosis is under way, one which will fundamentally change organic search engine rankings and search engine optimization. Google and Bing are getting faith in social media and are converting. Perhaps sooner than later, social media will eclipse backlinks as the gold standard for online authority. When Sergey and Brin created Google they invented PageRank,… Read More

crawl budget SEO

Ian Lurie6 Jan, 2011

How crawl budget works – my latest SEL column

My latest Search Engine Land column just went live. It’s about Crawl Budget and how it may work. Having re-read it, though, I want to make sure I add even more qualification to what I wrote: I talk about crawl budget a lot, but the most important part of this article, really, is ‘making the… Read More

Social Media

Tom Schmitz5 Jan, 2011

RSS – The Black Leather Jacket of the Internet

Among all the new trends for 2011 I’m reading about the imminent death of RSS. People have moved on to Twitter and Facebook. Really? Me thinks some prognosticators need to cool their jets. First, RSS was never popular to begin with. What did it reach, a 15% market share? Twitter probably got more users in… Read More

Professor at work Featured

Ian Lurie4 Jan, 2011

11 internet marketing skills you must always be learning

In spite of reading my blog, you want to go into internet marketing. Welcome to the asylum, my friend. Time to start learning. This is a list necessary skills for an internet marketer. Warning: I do not necessarily know all these as well as I want to. I’m still learning: Writing. I’ve beaten this one… Read More

Social Media

Tom Schmitz4 Jan, 2011

Is 2011 the Year of Local Mobile Social?

Some say 2010 was the year of local search, some say it was the year of mobile and others say the year of social. Strong arguments can be made for all three.   Google reimagined local search. Looking back it seems like each month the search engine introduced new changes. The three/seven pack of local… Read More


Ian Lurie3 Jan, 2011

2010 Trends to Ignore: How I did (not great)

Well, 2010 was interesting. On the down side: Kidney stones and the ER; a wasp attack; head explosions. On the up side: A fantastic year for my family; a great year for my company; a terrific team that’s kicking butt. But how’d I do with my predictions for 2010? Let’s see: Bing versus Google. I… Read More

college1 Copywriting

Welles Wiley3 Jan, 2011

What an English Degree Teaches You about Internet Copywriting

If you think an English degree would prepare you for anything in the world of copywriting, think again! There are plenty of things you’ll need to unlearn if you plan to write internet content

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