Andy Schaff

Andy Schaff

Highly motivated senior developer with 10 years of experience who will take on any technology thrown at him. A proponent of well-formed and documented code, MVC technologies, and high attention to detail, Andy is the leader of development at Portent.

Articles by Andy Schaff


Andy Schaff //  22 Apr, 2013 They’ve gone to plaid

As you may already know, we’re a little obsessed with page load speed. We wanted our home page to load in under 1 second, and we were close. But close isn’t good enough. So, with some guidance from Ian, I started out on my quest for sub 1 second page load times. The journey took… Read More


Andy Schaff //  1 Jun, 2011

UK & European Cookie Law Solution (Free Script)

A European cookie law that regulates the use of web browser cookies is now in effect in the UK. That cookie law is based on guidelines set by the European Union. In a nutshell, the law states that websites must get a user’s consent before storing cookies on their device (computer, mobile phone, iPad, etc).… Read More