Ariana Burgess

Ariana Burgess

Ariana has worked at Portent for almost 10 happy years, beginning as Ian’s Business Coordinator, then moving up to Traffic Coordinator and, eventually, Project Manager. This last fall she moved up to Senior Project Manager and is working with the Project Management team to help deliver awesome projects for our clients.

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Articles by Ariana Burgess

Mom walking to work with briefcase and milk bottle

Ariana Burgess //  11 Sep, 2013

5 Project Management Tips from Portent’s Newest Mom

Being a new mom is pretty awesome. Sure, there’s lack of sleep, lots of crying (you and the baby), and lots of diapers. But there are also awesome smiles, giggles, cuddles, and hugs.  It’s challenging enough to accommodate this new person, but working full-time adds an extra layer. Over the years, however, I’ve developed some… Read More

The Many Hats of an Account Strategist

Ariana Burgess //  2 May, 2012

Hat Trick: How Account Strategists Do It All

For someone with only one head, I wear a lot of hats.  Most people have jobs they can explain in a sentence (“I’m a doctor / librarian / deep sea diver.”)  But I’m not one of those people: I’m an Account Strategist for Portent. As such, I find myself in all manner of situations, solving… Read More