Braxton Kellogg

Braxton Kellogg

Braxton is a Social Strategist at Portent, Inc. He is a graduate from the University of Washington, and has worked in the social media world for four years. Braxton helps establish and maintain client social platforms, develops a comprehensive strategy, and also analyzes performance. He dreams of meeting the Barefoot Contessa and the Muppets, preferably at the same time.

Articles by Braxton Kellogg

social media_apps

Braxton Kellogg //  21 Aug, 2014

Social Media Apps That You Don’t Need (or Want), But Should Try Anyway

Sometimes when you’re a social media strategist (or, really, just a human with a smart phone or tablet), you get stuck in a routine that involves the same few social media mobile applications. Whether I’m on the bus or about to go to sleep, I find myself checking my three favorite apps: Facebook (I know,… Read More


Braxton Kellogg //  10 Jun, 2014

Why Social Media Strategists Matter in the Digital Marketing Realm

If you work in social media, you’ve probably heard “Why?” more times than you can count. “Why does this matter?” “Why is social media valuable to my business?” “Why should we be paying you to help us?” I’ve been working in the social media world for three years now, and “why” questions are what I… Read More

Believe in Yourselfie

Braxton Kellogg //  29 Jan, 2014

What’s Ahead for Social? Believe in Yourself(ie) for 2014

No matter where you looked in 2013, there was always someone within a few feet of you with his or her arm outstretched, snapping a photo or shooting a video. In fact, Oxford Dictionaries’ word of the year for 2013 was “selfie.” Yes, that’s actually a thing. On the bright side, at least it wasn’t… Read More