Brea Starmer

Brea Starmer

Brea Starmer is the Vice President of Client Development for Portent, Inc. in Seattle, Washington. Brea brings 11 years of relationship management and business development experience to Portent's sales, account management and marketing teams. To start her career, she set out to learn with the premier marketing teams at Microsoft, focused on developing channel programs for the public sector. From there, Brea joined as the Managing Director of a boutique marketing consulting firm based in Bellevue: a four-time Inc. fastest growing award recipient, JeffreyM Consulting. Brea was responsible for growing the firm from $4M to $16M including 120 employees in 4 years. She joins Portent to help her team provide a client experience second to none.

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Brea Starmer //  14 Oct, 2014

The Big Idea (a Camp Counselor’s Guide to Inspiration at Portent)

I am a camp counselor.  You know the kind: clipboard in hand, singing loud and off-key, with a huge smile plastered on my (no-makeup) face.  I know all of the ways to identify a Cedar tree, how to cook beef stew in aluminum foil on the campfire, and the best bed-time stories for a 12… Read More