Brock Reed

Brock Reed

Brock brings over 15 years of experience managing and running creative agencies. He feeds off energizing diverse teams in discovering, strategizing and executing successful marketing programs. He is a student of branding and understanding the keys to successful customer loyalty. Brock is also comfortable playing the role of Creative Director helping to ensure client's vision comes through and the work being performed is held to the highest design standard. When he's not working he can be found enjoying his 2 daughters, cooking, playing tennis and supporting his shoe and eyeglass fetish.

Articles by Brock Reed

Gymnast woman flexible body standing on arms, training stretchin

Brock Reed //  4 Nov, 2014

The Agile Approach to design and development. It really works!

Back some 15 years ago when I first entered into the creative agency world as a Project Manager, I was taught how to manage and lead projects in a traditional and linear way. Each team member, each discipline, and every contributor had their place along the project path.  Once the strategist was done setting the big… Read More