Elizabeth Marsten

Elizabeth Marsten

Elizabeth supervises the overall search division at Portent, which includes PPC, SEO and Social Media. Check out her modest brag link bundle if you really want to know more: She has also written ebooks, is a regular on the Portent blog and speaks on PPC across the USA at various conferences.

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Articles by Elizabeth Marsten

Elizabeth Marsten //  24 Mar, 2008

Sandwich Your PPC Ads with URLs

We all know that the biggest part of attracting a potential customer to clicking on your ad is the headline. They see that bold text, what they searched for and are drawn in like a moth to a flame. But in the continual quest that is a PPC Analyst’s career, we have to think of… Read More

Elizabeth Marsten //  17 Mar, 2008

The Mysterious Black Holes of the Content Network

Once upon a time, the Content Network seemed eternally damned to represent hundreds of thousands of impressions, a few too many hundred clicks, no sales or leads and no idea where in the universe your ads were showing up. I used to just opt out the content network every time since it just seemed to… Read More

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