Elizabeth Marsten

Elizabeth Marsten

Elizabeth supervises the overall search division at Portent, which includes PPC, SEO and Social Media. Check out her modest brag link bundle if you really want to know more: She has also written ebooks, is a regular on the Portent blog and speaks on PPC across the USA at various conferences.

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Elizabeth Marsten //  28 May, 2009

Writing Killer Ad Copy: SMX Advanced Seattle Speaker

That’s right, yours truly is on one of many SMX Advanced panels this June 2 and 3rd in Seattle, dedicated to organic, paid search and internet marketing tactics. In particular my panel is on the paid search track for “Writing Killer Ad Copy- The Interactive Edition.” After the conference, I’ll post my presentation here (or… Read More

Elizabeth Marsten //  21 May, 2009

MSN AdCenter Content Network Reports

This week as part of the MSN AdCenter Spring Upgrade a new feature was released that’s been a long time coming: Content Network reports! Ever wonder what those mystery “Microsoft property sites” are? I sure have. I asked an AdCenter rep once and got a “we don’t know either” answer which I found pretty unsatisfactory.… Read More

Elizabeth Marsten //  9 Apr, 2009

36 Reasons You Need This Dummies Book

Everyone knows those distinctive for Dummies books; the bright yellow cover, the triangle headed man with pointy fingers and the strange feeling you might have picking up something for Dummies. Why? Because you know you’re smart. Why would you need a book for Dummies? (Because I co-authored one, that’s why.) Need a little more than… Read More


Elizabeth Marsten //  17 Mar, 2009

Yahoo Finally Gets a Clue and Adds Ad Scheduling & Demographic Bidding for You

Jeepers Shaggy, it’s about time! You know when MSN AdCenter has a tool that you don’t you’re getting lapped. Even if it’s not the most robust or granular tool, it’s still rather helpful to be able to choose at what time during the day your ads show or being able to incrementally adjust your bids… Read More

Elizabeth Marsten //  6 Mar, 2009

Keyword Resource Tools that Aren’t Keyword Tools

We’re all very well familiar with Google’s myriad of keyword generation tools, be it within the AdWords interface, the external keyword tool, by URL, by similar keywords, by topic or the new “search based keyword tool.” Then of course each search engine has it’s own keyword tool generator, add in the Wordtracker, Wordstream and Trellian’s… Read More

Elizabeth Marsten //  19 Jan, 2009

Is the AdWords Keyword Performance Module of any use?

A couple of months ago, Google AdWords launched another tool to their already hefty arsenal of pay per click optimization and monitoring devices: the keyword performance module. If you already know what that is, great! Let me know what you think about it. If not- it can be found on your Campaign Management tab under… Read More

Elizabeth Marsten //  12 Jan, 2009

Microsoft AdCenter Finally Brings Us Custom Date Ranges

Are you tired of having to run a report in AdCenter every time you want some stats that aren’t: Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Today, This Month, Last Month, Last 3 Months, Last 6 Months, This Year, Last Year or Entire Time? Or in my case, I’m tired of deciphering just what would be 3 months… Read More

Elizabeth Marsten //  29 Dec, 2008

AdBrite: Trash or Treasure?

AdBrite has been around awhile, they’ve been conventioning and promoting and press releasing, trying to grow their brand and their business and I have always been a sucker for testing a new platform. You just never know when you’re going to find that 2nd or 3rd tier platform that turns into a gold mine. Previously… Read More

Elizabeth Marsten //  10 Dec, 2008

Paying your Yahoo Search Marketing bill with Pay Pal

Back in September of 2007, Yahoo announced the ability to choose Pay Pal as a payment method for adding funds to your search marketing account. Up until now, I hadn’t had a use for the option and continued doing manual refills, automatic deposits or invoicing for clients. But then a client came along (me) that… Read More

Elizabeth Marsten //  27 Oct, 2008

Winning In the Wedding Industry with PPC

We’re all familiar with the wedding industry’s spending power, no matter what the economic climate, the lavish wedding will always prevail. The industry is highly competitive with high barriers to entry, so how do you generate a positive ROI in a sector that can bleed your budget dry within an hour? Build Up & Be… Read More