Jarrod Medrano

Jarrod Medrano

Jarrod has lent his extensive experience in web design, HTML, CSS and more to Portent for over 6 years.

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Articles by Jarrod Medrano

Jarrod Medrano //  25 Mar, 2008

Advanced Actionscript 3 Preloader

Watch me do my best Bob Ross impression while teaching you how to create a preloader in Actionscript 3. No happy trees included. Video after the jump!

Jarrod Medrano //  11 Mar, 2008

Embedding Flash the Smart Way with SWFObject

There are several ways to embed Flash on a web page – some are better than others. Here’s the one we’ve found to work best: First, you’ll need to go to the SWFObject home page to download the javascript. You can also read up on SWFObject here. The example html included inside the zip file… Read More