Lisa Sali

Lisa Sali

A seasoned account director and marketer, Lisa has expertise in digital strategy, online media (performance and display), email marketing, direct response TV media and beyond. Lisa is a natural problem-solver, passionately committed to her clients. When she’s not building brands on the web, Lisa enjoys yoga, sailing, and kiteboarding.

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Articles by Lisa Sali

A donkey with a speech bubble talks about assuming.

Lisa Sali //  3 May, 2013

3 Common Leadership Pitfalls to Avoid at All Costs

Conventional wisdom dictates that working in teams is often the best way to accomplish a task. Many hands make light work, a bundle of sticks cannot be broken, etc. Particularly with large, complex projects, there is just no way one person can accomplish everything on their own. We can’t possibly know everything, or be experts… Read More