Madelaine Kellman

Madelaine Kellman

Madelaine is a Junior Social Strategist at Portent, Inc. A University of Washington grad, Madelaine helps establish and maintain client social platforms while tracking and analyzing their social marketing as a whole. She appreciates a good pun and great beer.

Articles by Madelaine Kellman

Social Disapproval

Madelaine Kellman //  27 Mar, 2014

How Not to be an #EPIC Social Media Fail

Alright, we all know which brands are nailing it when it comes to social media. I’m lookin’ at you Uber, BuzzFeed, Seattle PrideFest, Oreo, Nike, NO H8, and Coca Cola. These names represent a variety of businesses, brands and events. But despite their differences, every one of these companies has achieved great success by being… Read More

Space the Dog

Madelaine Kellman //  4 Oct, 2013

Essential Characteristics of an Internet Marketing Applicant or How a Dog Got Me My Job

The vast field of Internet marketing may not necessarily be new, but it certainly has changed from the days of simple email campaigns and standard websites. Now it involves numerous sectors, from SEO to social media and everything in between. It is rapidly changing and requires someone to have their finger on the pulse of… Read More