Meegan Kauffman

Meegan Kauffman

Meegan has been in the marketing realm since 2006. From managing print ads to writing email campaigns and producing video, she knows what works and what flops. Speaking of flopping, Meegan spends every night and weekend on the Slip 'N Slide with (or without) her kids.

Articles by Meegan Kauffman


Meegan Kauffman //  8 Jul, 2014

How to Create an Online Experience for Humans

The rules of Internet marketing change all the time, and it’s increasingly difficult to keep up. What animal is Google focusing on now? Your site should load in under a millisecond, right? Or should it load before your customers even search for it? As frantic as the world of Internet marketing may seem, the end… Read More

Bad Date

Meegan Kauffman //  16 Jan, 2014

As Good as It Gets: What dating can teach us about email marketing.

The greatest thing about email marketing is how direct the communication is. Email is the closest you can get to dating your customers. Creepy? Maybe a little. Intrusive? Not if you do it right. Why bother with email? (Reasons to take the leap) People sign up for emails because they want the inside scoop. They… Read More