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Sara at social google hangout

Portent Staff //  2 Oct, 2013

Google Hangout: Making Friends, Not Followers

The team at MackWebSolutions pulled together a panel of experienced community managers including our Director of Social Media, Sara Lingafelter, for a Google Hangout yesterday to discuss the difference between friends and followers, and how to target the right people with your social media and other outreach efforts. The panelists included: Sheena Medina – @sheenamedina… Read More

Portent Staff //  30 Aug, 2011

Campaigning for Links

November 2012 is more than a year away, but White House and congressional contenders are already hitting the campaign trail. It’s typically easier for local incumbents to gain re-election than it is for outsiders to be elected. This is because familiarity breeds trust. The same applies to marketing, if you already have an affiliation with… Read More

Portent Staff //  19 Jan, 2011

Hey Copywriters – Designers Hate You for a Reason

I consider myself a perfectly creative person. I can paint Manet-quality word pictures; every once in a while I will whip up such stunning moments of alliteration that the Cat in the Hat’s whiskers curl with envy. I am a copywriter. Outside of my poetic prowess, my creativity is pretty much useless. And most days… Read More

Portent Staff //  7 Dec, 2010

10 Copywriting Nightmares & How to Deal With Them

Copywriting is a career replete with pitfalls, from editorial visions gone awry to hair-pulling, forehead-pounding hours attempting to come up with synonyms for “elegant” that alliterate with “xylophone.” There are good parts, too. Really good parts. I promise. But that is an entirely different post. This is a post about the depths of despair all… Read More

Portent Staff //  1 Dec, 2010

How to Find a Fitting Outreach Style

Outreach is a delicate process with no one-size-fits-all approach. The beginning is truly about trial and error until you find your own stride in effectively communicating with the public. Through some experimental approaches mixed with endless research on “expert” opinions, I have discovered a few guidelines that have helped me garner several high ranking, and… Read More

Portent Staff //  13 Jul, 2010

To Sub-Domain or Not to Sub-Domain? That is the question.

Just a quick note, I hated Shakespeare in school. Once I was done with school, it became a fascinating series of life lessons and twisted, timeless comedies. In the battle of sub-folders vs. sub-domains I always fight in the name of sub-folders. Sub-folders have that magical power of creating a unique URL and inheriting the… Read More

Portent Staff //  8 Jun, 2010

SMX Advanced Live Blogging Post 3

Demystifying Online Attribution Speakers, In Order of Appearance: Richard Zwicky Cameron Cowan Jonathan Colman Dennis Goedegebuure First up is Richard (Applause) Looking into server logs can reveal everything about your customers. It shows where they came from, where they went, what browser they used and many other things. Now Richard talks about the ever elusive… Read More

Portent Staff //  8 Jun, 2010

SMX Advanced Live Blogging Post 2

Lunch was good. There was meat, pasta, bread, butter. All that good stuff. Now onto the 3rd session of the day. No Live Blogging of the second session, sorry. Dead laptop syndrome. Show Me The Links: Real Life Link Building Speakers, In Order of Appearance: Roger Montti Arnie Kuenn Chris Bennet Gil Reich Debra Mastaler… Read More

Portent Staff //  8 Jun, 2010

SMX Advanced Live Blogging Post 1

I’d like to start by saying that this is my first time doing this. I take notes at conferences. Incomprehensible and very short-handed notes that even I fail to decode from time to time. None the less, I will not fail you. Here we go. SEO For Google vs. Bing Starring – In Order of… Read More

Portent Staff //  3 Jun, 2010

Happy Birthday Evan!

I work with some of the funniest people around. And when it came time for them to show off their incredible sense of humor, they stepped up. I give to you, the best birthday card I’ve ever gotten. I think. I have a pretty bad memory of birthday cards, but this one I will never… Read More

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