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Portent Staff //  4 Aug, 2009

Write Compelling Messages – Think Greeting Cards

As Mad Men’s Don Draper so eloquently put it, to sell a product you have to first evoke an emotion. Get your audience to feel. Sex doesn’t sell; desire does. But how do you get your customers to feel desire when you can’t even see them?

Portent Staff //  24 Jul, 2009

Google Suggest Links – A New Upgrade

Like every morning, I began today with a sane dose of looking around my iGoogle dashboard, checking email, reading important news, and consuming my Calvin and Hobbes comic of the day. What grabbed my unexpecting eyes was the iGoogle search box. This is an important feature. It gives me quick access to all things Google.… Read More

Portent Staff //  2 Jun, 2009

We’ve got High Tweets – We got High Tweets

Become instantly cool with High Tweets! You thank your lucky stars.

Portent Staff //  28 Apr, 2009

5 Tips To Better Product Descriptions

Any reputable Internet marketing company will tell you that you need product descriptions. That’s the bad news. The good news is, they aren’t difficult to write and they not only help sell the product, they can improve your Search Engine Optimization efforts. Who knew? Trouble is, most copywriters would rather write toilet plunger ads than… Read More

Portent Staff //  31 Dec, 2008

Ten Internet Un-Resolutions to Make this Year

As you prepare to take up yoga, learn Spanish, and start volunteering at a soup kitchen every weekend, here are ten internet habits this internet marketing company says it’s perfectly ok to keep! It’s Ok to…. Spend more time fussing with your blog wallpaper than you do with your home wallpaper. To have 200 unread… Read More

Portent Staff //  24 Oct, 2008

How to Use Dating Bible’s “The Rules” to Succeed in Internet Marketing

Become an internet marketing creature unlike any other Times are tense, and now more than ever, you feel the burden of needing that ever-elusive advantage over the competition. If you’ve overdosed on tipping points, purple cows, and cheese-moving, it’s time to turn to the true treasure-trove of internet marketing secrets: the dating bible “The Rules”… Read More

Portent Staff //  12 Sep, 2008

A Loaded Gun – Quentin Tarantino’s Secret Weapon for Creative Professions

DISCLAIMER: Get over the gun analogy. It’s Quentin Tarantino, so of course he’s going to use incredibly violent imagery. Don’t let that stop you from learning some of the best creative advice I’ve heard this year. First, a little stage setting. As a Creative Lead in an Internet marketing agency myself, I would venture to… Read More

Portent Staff //  14 Aug, 2008

The Four Qualities You Need to Be A Good Copywriter (hint, good writing isn’t one of them)

One of the most common misconceptions about a copywriting career is that all you need is good writing skills. This is hardly the case. There are many great writers in the world who would either not enjoy copywriting, or who would not excel at it. But there are definitely certain qualities that predispose people to… Read More

Portent Staff //  30 Jul, 2008

Copywriting is better than other writing careers

If you were a creative writing or English major, you may think your job prospects include pouring coffee in a cafe while scrawling poems on napkins, burying yourself in manuscripts as an editorial assistant in a publishing house, working as a journalist for a local publication, or of course writing the Great American Novel. But… Read More

Portent Staff //  25 Jul, 2008

Part 1: What is copywriting

It’s the tiredest of icebreakers. And yet, at least once a month, someone asks me what I do. After I say I’m a copywriter, I am usually treated to one of three sparkling remarks: “So, you just copy what other people write?” “So, you make copies of other people’s writing?” “So, you make copyrights?” Har,… Read More

Portent Staff //  18 Jul, 2008

Why You Need Creative Services

The economy is rocky. Resources are tight. It's the perfect time to run out and hire a creative services firm to do your Internet marketing, right? Right! While resources must be considered carefully in a rocky economy, I am here to explain why investing in professional creative development is one of the soundest business decisions… Read More

Portent Staff //  2 Jul, 2008

The Holy Grail of Internet Marketing: The Truest Best

When someone orders iced tea, don’t serve them maple syrup It’s no secret that pouring it on too thick will make consumers suspicious and distrusting of your advertising. It’s no secret that advertisers continue to do it anyway. But there is a quiet uprising occurring, an anti-movement springing up in the form of sites like… Read More

Portent Staff //  6 Jun, 2008

Controversial Company Practice Proves Shoe-in for Online Success

  An interface only a shoemonger could love I am looking at a site so cluttered and ugly, it connotes every $1 table yard sale you’ve ever seen. I am looking at a site with such a dizzying array of calls to action, you feel like you are on a street corner in Tijuana. I… Read More

Portent Staff //  5 Jun, 2008

The Only Career Advice College Grads Should Read

The Divine Comedy of Cubicle Life You’re about to graduate college, so in no time at all you’ll be a master in the post-grad basics. You’ll learn to dress up for interviews, even though you may wear flip flops for the rest of your career. You’ll learn that in the roshambo of the real world,… Read More

Portent Staff //  12 May, 2008

A Marketing Secret: I Know Something you Don’t

  I know something you don’t. A marketing secret. It’s really, really interesting. Not amazing, but learning it can expedite your marketing career quite nicely. Luckily, It doesn’t require a fancy degree or months of monk-like dedication in a cave to master. It’s less of a learned technique and more of a psychological sleight-of-hand, but… Read More