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Portent Staff //  27 Feb, 2008

Loves Poppies, Still Owns Piggy Bank: Write Personas like Ads

  All soccer moms are not created equal. Copyblogger makes this point in a recent post, and I totally agree. Until we go beyond perfunctory profiling and start creating vivid, charismatic, three-dimensional characters, personas will be of no use except to perpetuate stereotypes. Marketers need to go further in their persona development if they are… Read More

Portent Staff //  22 Feb, 2008

Stale Linkbait Works Best: How to Totally Ignore your Blog and Still Increase Traffic

Or maybe I should say, the best linkbait never gets stale. Basically, my goal is to assault your blogging worldview and contradict everything you’ve ever heard on the subject-all for a good cause, of course. In this post, I am going to tell you how to have a decent little blogging career, and even earn… Read More

Portent Staff //  21 Feb, 2008

Class up your link icons with CSS background images

I loathe the term “web 2.0″. I think catch phrases are easy and unimaginative, and calling the recent boom of easy to use and engaging websites “web 2.0″ seems to cheapen them. It sounds too trendy. It sounds like there will be a “web 3.0″ and that “web 2.0″ will become obsolete once we get… Read More

Portent Staff //  20 Feb, 2008

QA is Like being a Priest in World of Warcraft

(A quick note: If you don’t know World of Warcraft, skip about 4 paragraphs down. If you do know it, it’s thoroughly worth reading and pertinent. We at Portent love to geek out now and then.) My best friend and her boyfriend recently started playing World of Warcraft, so I’ve reactivated my account after a… Read More

Portent Staff //  8 Feb, 2008

Welcome to the new Portent Interactive blog.

Oh! A blog! How quaint, you say. There’s most likely millions of blogs out there (I haven’t counted recently) so why would you want to read yet another blog? Especially yet another Internet Marketing blog! Here at Portent, we always strive to do something different. When most people hear “Search Engine Optimization” or “Internet Marketing”… Read More

Portent Staff //  24 Oct, 2007

Guest Post: Online Democracy Must Die

Darwin, Cyberspace, and Oprah’s Book Club Note from Ian: Jade is senior copywriter and creative lead at my company. Like me, she often wonders if we should take people’s internet connections away… If author Francis Bellamy* lived today, the Pledge of Allegiance would probably be changed to read “and flickr and facebook for all.” Indeed,… Read More

Portent Staff //  26 Jul, 2007

Buzz Marketing With Petitions

Hi all. Dean Hunt is a Buzz Marketing expert who kindly offered to do a guest post on the subject. Read on… So what exactly is Buzz Marketing? Buzz Marketing is essentially the art of pumping so much emotion into your readers, that they feel the need to shout your message from the nearest rooftop.… Read More

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