Steve Gahler

Steve Gahler

Steve is a veteran business executive having built successful operations, sales and marketing divisions within Fortune 200 media corporations, mid-sized organizations and emerging companies. As Portent's CEO & President, he guides the company's growth by defining organizational vision, goals and strategies. His leadership focuses on achieving revenue and profitability targets, refining and implementing image and marketing plans, creating a culture that empowers employees, as well as supporting development of new company products and offerings. And yes, he's a proud MN Vikings fan!

Articles by Steve Gahler


Steve Gahler //  19 Feb, 2014

Advertising Will Soon Reach a Digital Tipping Point

While television continues to have its strong hold on ad dollars, digital is a rapidly growing category and there are no signs of it slowing down. Take for instance Google’s $3.2 billion cash acquisition of Nest, with many reports suggesting it’s a play to better target ads in the home. These investments are increasingly putting… Read More

Canoe team

Steve Gahler //  16 May, 2013

Manage Stuff, Lead People: How to Turn Workers into Leaders

We’ve all seen it happen. An employee is doing killer work, initiating great ideas, and displaying a willingness to take on larger projects. The employee is quickly promoted to a manager position. But while this top employee has excelled at the tactical parts of the job, he or she has never managed a team before.… Read More

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Steve Gahler //  10 Jan, 2012

Why Portent and Why Me?

Ever notice that companies mirror their leaders in personality, expectations and culture?  I had met Ian Lurie on several occasions over the last couple years and immediately learned to respect his unmatched knowledge, integrity and vision.  His company and, more importantly, the people at Portent mirror Ian. When the opportunity came to collaborate with him… Read More