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Tom Schmitz //  17 Aug, 2010

Changing a Blog’s Location

Changing the location of your blog can be cause for a deep breath, but it may be the right move for you. How can you know?

Tom Schmitz //  21 Jul, 2010

A Flavorful Blend, Yahoo! Organic Search, Now With 25% Bing

And so it begins… You may have heard that soon Bing will provide all the paid and non-paid search results in Yahoo. Or you may have heard some twisted version of this because the whole thing is so complicated. Personally, I like the Frankenstein imagery. Although it’s kind of cool to think of a Bing… Read More

Tom Schmitz //  11 Jun, 2010

SEO Is Not User Experience Optimization

I just got back from SMX Advanced and boy are my arms tired. Actually, it’s my brain that’s feeling overwhelmed with lots of fresh insight and illuminating data. The cast and crew over at Third Door Media and Search Engine Land produced an exceptional event; they outdid themselves. Except, I left Seattle’s Bell Harbor conference… Read More

Tom Schmitz //  1 Jun, 2010

SEO Link Placement On an HTML Page

Where is the best place to put links on a page in order to maximize SEO? It’s not as easy as you might think.

Tom Schmitz //  29 Apr, 2010

The Myth of Perfect Content

Many websites try to create perfect brochure content for their markets and prospects. Then they optimize those pages for SEO. After all, you want people to land on the perfect page when they arrive from a search engine query result, right? If only life were so Type-A. Except in this case the A stands for… Read More

Tom Schmitz //  1 Apr, 2010

New Google Ranking Factors

Topeka, formerly Google, added 100 new ranking factors today increasing the known total to 300. Google, I mean Topeka, has always been secretive about their organic search ranking algorithm, but during various outings to Google’s, uh Topeka’s, Mountain View headquarters we managed to cobble together a short list of new ranking factors by reading the… Read More

Tom Schmitz //  17 Mar, 2010

Should I Run a Contest for Linkbait or Social Media?

Should you use online contests for social media and SEO?

Tom Schmitz //  8 Mar, 2010

Oscar Movies are Like Optimized Websites

Did you watch The Oscars last night? It occurred to me that motion pictures are a lot like websites primed for organic search and social media. Movies as Websites Think about the meticulous attention to detail that goes into an Academy Awards caliber movie. It requires a compelling story – well written, skillfully performed, lovingly… Read More

Tom Schmitz //  11 Feb, 2010

Enterprise SEO Automation

Recently, I’ve heard about startups that want to automate enterprise SEO for large websites. I suppose they theorize that if Google, Bing and the other search engines can gather Internet content, categorize it and rank it, then it’s possible to write software that will recast your content as a perfect website. I do not believe… Read More

Tom Schmitz //  28 Jan, 2010

Have You Been A/B Tested Recently?

Full disclosure: I am not a designer. I cannot select color palettes. My favorite textures involve brushed steel. Whenever I walk by, our design team seems either out for coffee or in a meeting. That said, even I can recognize colossal web design blunders. It's amazing how the perfectly wrong photo will rip the eyes… Read More