Yep. Ian's back as Portent's CEO.

Yep. I’m back.

Ian Lurie 18 Jul, 2014


Click Fraud: Enough, Already

by Ian Lurie 26 Jul, 2006

Click fraud is real. I am not minimizing it – we watch for it carefully. But it’s a tiny, tiny problem compared to, say, companies who charge you a hefty fee to check for click fraud.

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Internet Marketing, GTD Style

by Ian Lurie 25 Jul, 2006

David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done, has some great lessons for marketing…

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Craven Hit Seekers, Rejoice. It’s OK to Digg Yourself

by Ian Lurie 19 Jul, 2006

It’s not a bad thing when marketing writers push content to tagging sites like In fact, just the opposite. I’m a ‘craven seeker of hits’, and proud of it. Read on to learn why.

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Democrats, Online: More of the Same?

by Ian Lurie 13 Jul, 2006

If the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s web site is any indication, the Democratic Party learned nothing about online campaigning since 2004. Which is a bad sign, if you’re a Democrat. Read on…


ClickTale: Film user interaction with your site

by Ian Lurie 12 Jul, 2006

ClickTale is an about-to-be-released tool that will let you basically create movies of visitors’ use of your site. I don’t know much about it (just applied for the beta program) but have a look. It’s definitely got huge potential. What’s better than knowing exactly how, and when, people clicked?

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Stock Photos + E-mail = Lousy

by Ian Lurie 11 Jul, 2006

Stock photography in an e-mail blast is a total turn-off. Trust me.

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Clueless in Congress

by Ian Lurie 3 Jul, 2006

The Senators and Representatives deciding the fate of net neutrality have no clue about the internet. Here’s proof.

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Internet Marketing and Small Teams

by Ian Lurie 2 Jul, 2006

I’ve never handled an internet marketing project with a team larger than four or five people: A marketer, a developer, a designer, a project manager, and maybe, if it’s a really big project, a producer. Our typical teams are closer to three: A marketer, a designer and a project manager, with a developer in occasional… Read More

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Truth in Marketing: What we can learn from the Tour de France

by Ian Lurie 1 Jul, 2006

The scandal hanging over this year’s Tour de France holds a lesson for marketers everywhere.

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Reviewed: Google Checkout Payment System

by Ian Lurie 29 Jun, 2006

Google just released their new Google Checkout service. Like PayPal, this service promises to let you easily accept credit card payments on your site. Does it live up to expectations, though? I set up Google Checkout on my own site as a test. Read the review…