Yep. Ian's back as Portent's CEO.

Yep. I’m back.

Ian Lurie 18 Jul, 2014

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Does NOT mean SEO!

by Ian Lurie 6 Jun, 2006

Go to and search for Internet Marketing. Half the posts that show up talk about search engine optimization. SEO does not equal Internet Marketing. It’s one piece of it, but it’s not all of it. Equating SEO and Internet Marketing is like saying an introduction is the same as a marriage proposal. Getting found… Read More

Web 2.0 doesn't exist. Internet Marketing

A (very) Brief Rant

by Ian Lurie 5 Jun, 2006

Three terms that make my right eye twitch: Web 2.0 isn’t. Someone building a ‘web 2.0′ web site is building a better web site. It’s not some sea change in how web sites work. A blog is not a revolution in internet technology. Blogging software is just a form of content management. Viral marketing is… Read More

Internet Marketing

My Own Dog Food

by Ian Lurie 5 Jun, 2006

Here’s a quick case study: Me. I’ve been marketing my book a bit for a week now, and had a nice burst of orders on the first weekend. Then things tailed off. A look at my traffic report told me folks are getting to the page and reading about the book , but not buying… Read More

Internet Marketing

Internet Politics: A Long Way To Go

by Ian Lurie 2 Jun, 2006

Since 2004, pundits have been saying that political campaigning on the internet has come of age. I beg to differ – it’s just barely been born. Howard Dean showed us all the potential of grass-roots online campaigning. continues to draw attention. And the Republican party made amazing use of the blogosphere during the last… Read More

Internet Marketing

I’ll Know it When I See It

by Ian Lurie 1 Jun, 2006

Seth Godin has given form to any designer’s worst nightmare: The marketer or boss who says “I’ll know it when I see it”. No you won’t. Check out what Seth says:

Design & Development

UPS, Get A Clue About Usability

by Ian Lurie 1 Jun, 2006

UPS, you have a loooong way to go when it comes to usability. If you want some free advice, in the form of a rant, read on. I shipped out my first few book orders earlier this week. In typical dysfunctional entrepeneur style, I decided to do it myself. I’ve never done (small) bulk fulfillment,… Read More

conversation marketing Internet Marketing

Conversation Marketing, The Book

by Ian Lurie 26 May, 2006

In case any of you have wondered why my posts have slowed a bit of late: I have just taken my first book to publication. Conversation Marketing puts down on paper the internet marketing method I’ve used for years. If you’d like to learn more about it, or maybe even buy a copy, you can… Read More

Internet Marketing

747? Cessna? Pondering Internet Marketing

by Ian Lurie 12 May, 2006

When you’re making a decision about online marketing, think about what you want: A 747? Or a Cessna? That may sound derogatory. It’s not. I’ve sat at the controls of a Cessna (while it was flying). It’s wonderful. Simple, forgiving and reliable as all get out. A Cessna will get you from place to place.… Read More

Internet Marketing

The Year of Internet Marketing?

by Ian Lurie 11 May, 2006

Google just released a nifty new trending tool. It shows and compares search traffic and trends for phrases you type into the tool. On a whim, I did a search comparing ‘search marketing’ to ‘internet marketing’. Lo and behold, it looks like internet marketing is making big gains. You can see the search result here.


Too Much SEO

by Ian Lurie 10 May, 2006

There’s a great article on Search Engine Watch today titled “Curbing SEO’s Who’ve Gone Wild”. The main point? Too much SEO can get you penalized by search engines. And by your customers. If you’re working to attain that #1 spot in Google’s brain, make sure that you stay #1 in your customer’s brain, too. The… Read More