Google Analytics Tutorial Redux: Installation (with commentary)

installation Analytics

Ian Lurie Feb 26 2010

This video is now out of date. See the latest GA install tutorial here.

the fat free guide to Google Analytics

Soooooo, I started this tutorial with every intention of being serious. But it’s been a long week, I was up at 4:30 AM and I had Evan in the tutorial. Things went downhill fast.
Regardless, it still shows you how to install Google Analytics on a regular web site and on WordPress:

A brief lesson on installing Google Analytics on your web site. Plus color commentary. It’s fun, we promise.


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  1. Jason

    Hey guys,
    Just wanted to say this is a great video for those who are starting out with GA. I was searching for a good video to send to a friend, and after reviewing a few of them, I’d have to say yours is pretty much the easiest for newbies.

  2. Ian

    @Jason Thank you. It’s good to hear this stuff is helping.

  3. AJ

    Great Video! Ian you’re a great speaker. If this is NOT how you speak normally I suggest you make all your videos at 4:30 AM …haha :)

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