Ian Lurie 14 Aug, 2007

Measurable Goals: Key Performance Indicators For Your Web Site

There’s a lot more to successful internet marketing than a sale, or a lead. Your ‘key performance indicators’ (KPIs, for short) measure your site’s contribution to success in other channels. And they measure your site’s drip-drip-drip effect as it grows your organization. Sometimes it’s hard to know what ‘success’ is. And you can’t figure out… Read More


Ian Lurie 9 Aug, 2007

Social Media Voyeurism – Stalking eMomsAtHome

I am a social media stalker. I admit it. Thankfully that breaks no laws, and I’m allowed to use tools like Pythia (disclosure – I built it) to snoop now and then. I’ve been watching what happens on Wendy’s eMomsAtHome over the last few weeks. Note the big surge in Bloglines mentions: Wow. And, just… Read More


Ian Lurie 31 Jul, 2007

Know What Your Customers Want: Analyze Internal Search Data With Google Analytics

I’ve seen conversion rates jump by as much as 20% on sites tailored to internal search phrases. To accomplish that, though, you need to know your site’s internal search data. What’s internal search data? If you know what your customers search for on your site, you can deliver more of what they want. Here’s how… Read More


Ian Lurie 30 Jul, 2007

Google Analytics Down For the Count

Update: Starting to see some data now. According to the Google Analytics Blog, they’re making progress. Update:From the Google Analytics Blog – “Temporary Reporting Delay Since Saturday Night”. Google reports they are updating accounts right now. All data was stored. The reports just weren’t updated. That’s the best case, I guess, given the circumstances. They… Read More


Ian Lurie 26 Jul, 2007

Because A Shameless Plug Is OK Now and Then

My company just started offering Google Analytics consulting. There, I said it, after 5 days of pondering whether I should or not. I’ll go back to our regularly scheduled programming now.


Ian Lurie 16 Jul, 2007

Google Analytics Tutorials: All Together

Purely for organizational purposes, I’ve pulled all the tutorials together in one place: Install Google Analytics Site Search in 5 Steps Analyze Internal Search Data With Google Analytics – Now superseded by the tutorial above. Data discovery with Google Analytics 2.0 Google Analytics Tutorial 1: Setting Up Google Analytics Tutorial 2: Essential Stats Google Analytics… Read More


Ian Lurie 9 Jul, 2007

Page Views Live! I’ll Bet You Lunch.

Hey Steve: Page views still have value. I’ll bet you lunch on it. Steve Rubel just posted ‘The Page View Is Officially Dead‘, based on the news that Nielsen NetRatings will no longer use page views as a metric. Total time on site is a far better measure of attention. Or is it? A lousy… Read More


Ian Lurie 2 Jul, 2007

Introducing Pythia: Social Analytics

We’ve just launched a free social media analytics tool. It’s called Pythia. The free version of Pythia measures your marketing campaigns based on several metrics: Links pointing to your site, according to Yahoo!. Pages from your site in the Yahoo! index. Links pointing to your site, according to Technorati. Posts mentioning your site, according to… Read More


Ian Lurie 29 Jun, 2007

Tear Up Your Web Stats: One Analytics-Free Week

Analytics is great. Now stop using it for a week. The beauty of internet marketing is that you can measure everything. But that’s also its curse. I see more and more companies who won’t move an inch without hard data. That’s shortsighted, and ignores the fact that marketing is for human beings, by human beings.… Read More


Ian Lurie 22 Jun, 2007

Case Study: PR Boosts Search Marketing Efforts

Public relations campaigns pay off in search. Proof: added 1500+ links in a single day. On June 20, Veoh announced release of their new product, Veoh TV. The media reception was strong. And that lead to explosive link growth: Next time you’re tempted to trim that PR budget, don’t. It pays off across the… Read More