Ian Lurie 15 Jun, 2007

Google Analytics Tutorial: Version 2

Google Analytics 2.0 has some great upgrades. The best ones, though, center around easier data exploration and discovery. Avinash has some great pointers, and I’ve finally done an video tutorial about it: Online Videos by You might want to keep count. I believe I said ‘notice’ at least 100 times…


Ian Lurie 29 May, 2007

Navigation Analysis with Google Analytics

Joy asked how you can use Google Analytics to track exactly what users do when they get to your site. There are a few tools in Google Analytics that let you research how folks move through your site: Navigation Summary Click Content > Overview > Navigation Summary: You’ll see a screen that looks like this:… Read More


Ian Lurie 8 May, 2007

Google Analytics 2.0

Google is rolling out a new version of Google Analytics. If you have an Analytics account, you should be upgraded in the next couple of weeks. The new look and feel is much friendlier: But the coolest changes, in my opinion, are: Customizable dashboards. Automatically e-mailed reports. Easier date range selection. Google is billing this… Read More


Ian Lurie 8 May, 2007

Analytics Versus Reporting

I’ve just started contributing a bit to the Wikipedia article on Web Analytics. My main focus right now: The difference between web analytics and web traffic reporting. To me: Analytics is the practice of analysis, where a person looks at data and attempts to draw useful conclusions. Traffic reporting is usually done by software, like… Read More


Ian Lurie 7 May, 2007

5000% ROI Increase With Analytics

Jeremiah interviewed Avinash Kaushik, who reports that adding a person to manage web analytics can increase ROI as much as 5000%. Duh. Drive down the road with your eyes closed. How far do you get? (please don’t – it’s just a metaphor) Now drive down the road with your eyes open. You get farther, right?… Read More


Ian Lurie 1 May, 2007

ClickTale: Attention Analytics, Finally!

ClickTale has just launched the beta version of their analytics tool, and I got a peek. In short, it’s a winner. Imagine watching how someone actually scrolls through a page on your site. Then imagine seeing exactly what gets the most attention, and where your users give up or convert. That’s ClickTale. ClickTale records user… Read More


Ian Lurie 18 Apr, 2007

7 Things Most Web Analytics Packages Can Tell You

Where people are coming from (what web site). What keywords they use to find you. Which pages on your site are most popular. Which pages on your site drive people away. How much time visitors spend on your site. How many people come to your site. Which days of the week are the busiest. There… Read More


Ian Lurie 6 Apr, 2007

Google Website Optimizer Now Available

Google has taken their Website Optimizer out of beta. Or at least, they’ve made it available to everyone. At its simplest, Website Optimizer helps you test and measure different web page headlines, graphics, copy, etc. against each other. Here’s a quick overview: Say you’re wondering whether one headline will generate more leads than another. You’re… Read More


Ian Lurie 29 Mar, 2007

Google Analytics Tutorial 6: Visitor Segmentation

I haven’t forgotten about the video tutorials, I promise. Here’s the latest, in which I go over Google Analytics’ cool visitor segmentation feature. Before you watch, note that my brain shut down for part of the tutorial, and I made at least four mistakes when typing in the javascript code – don’t use the example… Read More

High Speed Analytics

Ian Lurie 27 Mar, 2007

Better Sales From Faster Download Speeds

Seems like a no-brainer: A faster-loading site will increase conversions. But do you know how much more you can earn if your site loads in 4 seconds instead of, say, 10? We made a change to a client’s site yesterday that reduced page loads by 6 seconds. Sales doubled. They doubled. Folks often tell me… Read More