Ian Lurie 13 Mar, 2007

Google Analytics Video Tutorial 3: A Correction

Justin pointed out an error I’d made in Google Analytics Tutorial 3: I wanted to bring up one point re: Tutorial #3. In the video you show how to cross segment referral traffic based on Content. I think this part of the video may be a bit off. When I cross segment my Referring Source… Read More

gavideo2 Analytics

Ian Lurie 12 Mar, 2007

Google Analytics Video Tutorial 5: Search Analytics

While we wait for my goal tracking data to percolate a bit, I’ve reviewed some of the practical ways you can use Google Analytics to measure search engine optimization & paid search efforts. This lesson includes: Interpreting keyword data. Judging the value of keywords against each other. Placing keyword and search traffic in the context… Read More


Ian Lurie 10 Mar, 2007

Use Analytics To Adjust Your Site: An Example

The amount of time folks spend on a page may tell you something’s wrong. So, why does this video have an average view time of 1:30, when the others all average 4 minutes or more? I’m guessing three possible reasons: I don’t have a large-size, downloadable video available for download. So, I’m going to replace… Read More


Ian Lurie 2 Mar, 2007

Google Analytics Tutorial 4: Working With Goals

Never let it be said that I don’t observe & adjust! Almost 100% of those who’ve contacted me since I started doing these has asked for a presentation on using goals. This is my first crack at it. In this video, I review: What a goal really is. Different kinds of goals. How to set… Read More

gavideo3 Analytics

Ian Lurie 27 Feb, 2007

Google Analytics Tutorial 3: Digging Deeper

At long last, here’s installment 3 of my Google Analytics tutorials. Please excuse some very choppy editing – I had to get rid of various coughs, sneezes and other viral sounds you just didn’t need to hear. In it, I talk about the analysis menu and using it to: Learn where people who view a… Read More


Ian Lurie 25 Feb, 2007

Tutorials, Seminars and Such

I’m supposed to be recording my next Google Analytics Tutorial today. However, reality intervened: My wife went out of town for 8 days (Mexico) with friends. 6 hours after I waved goodbye, both kids came down with the flu. They then gave it to me. My wife got home last night after 8 days of… Read More


Ian Lurie 16 Feb, 2007

Pageviews are dead? 4 Other Must-Have Attention Metrics

I’m not 100% sure I agree that pageviews are dead, but folks sure are talking about it a lot. Pageviews have long been seen as the best measure of audience attention and loyalty. But the advent of AJAX and other technologies let visitors browse content without loading a new page. That, in turn, means that… Read More

gavideo Analytics

Ian Lurie 15 Feb, 2007

Google Analytics Video Tutorial 2: Essential Stats

Last time, I went over how to set up your Google Analytics account. This time, I’ll discuss the four essential statistics that, no matter what, you must keep an eye on in Google Analytics:


Ian Lurie 12 Feb, 2007

Google Analytics Tutorial 1: Setup

My very first video post reviews how to set up Google Analytics on your site.


Ian Lurie 6 Jan, 2007

Reports Aren’t Analytics

A pretty graph isn’t analytics. It’s a report. What you do with that report is ‘analytics’. It’s an important distinction. Look at this graph: It’s a Google Analytics report showing me which pages get more or less traffic on the Portent Interactive web site. The subtler and most important point, though, is how important our… Read More