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5 SEO metrics I gotta have

by Ian Lurie 4 Nov, 2010

I’m on #seochat tonight. I’m super-excited about it, so I’ve been scribbling notes for anticipated questions. The topic, which I’ve actually talked about before, is SEO analytics. For me, there are five crucial SEO metrics. If you don’t have these, hang it up: Key phrase diversity. The number of unique phrases driving traffic to your… Read More


New ebook: The Fat Free Guide to Google Analytics

by Ian Lurie 8 Oct, 2010

I just finished writing The Fat Free Guide to Google Analytics. You should buy it. Now would be good. It’s chock-full of analytical goodness, including info on: Calculating the value of one visitor to your web site; Setting up goals in Google Analytics; Interpreting analytics data. I worked hard to make this a super-practical, easy-to-apply… Read More

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SEO Analytics 101

by Ian Lurie 30 Jun, 2010

I’m scrambling to complete the SEO training portion of the Fat Free Guide for release tomorrow. In the mean time, here’s a video that’s going to be attached to the ‘Analytics 101′ lesson: An overview of four basic SEO metrics, what they mean, and how to track them in Google Analytics. Related stuff Sign up… Read More

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Google Analytics Tutorial: Basic Stats (version 2)

by Ian Lurie 7 May, 2010

This is an updated version of a Google Analytics Tutorial I did waaaay back in 2007 or so. You know, back in the days when the American Dollar could still buy a loaf of bread in Canada. I cover unique visitors, pageviews and engagement stats, as well as referring traffic data. This new version uses… Read More


Measuring social media response with

by Ian Lurie 28 Apr, 2010

Social media leads to dispersed messaging. In as little as an hour, you can end up sending out a few Tweets, hitting Facebook with updates, writing a blog post and submitting to Behance. Plus, as folks pass those links around, they may use their own URL shorteners, removing any tracking codes you’ve added. The bastards.… Read More

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How to: Read a web site log file

by Ian Lurie 25 Mar, 2010

Sooner or later, if you’re a real internet marketing nerd, you’re going to have to learn to read a web server log file. Sorry, but it’s true. There’s data in there that you simply cannot get anywhere else. Earlier this week, I wrote about using grep to survey web server log files for SEO-related data.… Read More


Google Analytics on the fritz

by Ian Lurie 24 Mar, 2010

It’s not just you. Google Analytics is timing out, running slowly and generally being a nightmare this morning. There are widespread reports from Europe to the US that Google Analytics’ reporting interface is loading slowly. I haven’t even been able to load a report. Just making sure you know you’re not going crazy. It doesn’t… Read More

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How to: Get SEO analytics beyond the stone age

by Ian Lurie 10 Mar, 2010

The biggest mistake I see SEO’s make: They focus on keywords first and foremost, ignoring opportunities that exist right in their own analytics data. This is my presentation from SMX West 2010, where I talk about analytics strategies for SEO. It’ll help you get out of the keyword abyss. I added text so that it… Read More

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Attribution: Part 2 – Connecting the dots

by Ian Lurie 3 Mar, 2010

This post is somewhat advanced – I geek out quite a bit. If you don’t know what a server log file is, read about that, first, then come back. Yesterday I explained why, in internet marketing, attribution is a mind-sucking pain in the ass. Not very satisfying, I know, because all I said was “This… Read More

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Attribution: Part 1 – why it sucks to be President

by Ian Lurie 2 Mar, 2010

The worst job in the world? President. I’d rather be a telemarketer (been there, done that). It’s not the assassination threats, or the constant hounding by the press, or the fact that you can blow up the earth about 40 times over. It’s about attribution. You get ‘credit’ for things that go wrong, and no… Read More

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